Final Day of Session 1

Today marks the successful end of the first camp session of 2016 here at Camp Seven Hills. The day started out a little cloudy, but turned out to be a beautiful one. The girls in both of our horse programs worked hard to do their chores and practice all the riding skills they’ve learned this past week in order to really impress their families later at the closing ceremony. The girls in the Silly Scientist program have prepared one last experiment that will blow everyone’s mind (or should I say erupt 😉 ). As for the rest of camp, we have been diligently preparing a special surprise for all the parents. All we can share is that “no mere mortal can resist.” We are so thankful to be able to have spent the past five days together and hope to see every again soon! Please check out all the great pictures from this week on our Flickr page.

4th Day of Session 1

As day four of session one comes to an end, everyone is filled with mixed emotions. It isn’t because we didn’t have another exciting and great day full of swimming, boating, tie-dying, climbing, and riding (as well as a delicious Iron Chef competition hosted by our Outdoor Gourmet girls), but rather, because tonight is our final campfire together. In keeping with tradition, the campfire will end with a walk down the friendship path. The path will be lit by the light of candles held by all of the counselors to guide everyone back. Although it is sad knowing tomorrow will be the last day we have to spend fun times with all our new and old friends, only tears of joy will be shed. We will never forget all the memories made here this week and eagerly look forward to what else is in store for Camp Seven Hills in 2016!

Fourth Day of Session 1

Today at Camp Seven Hills was full of both sadness and happiness. Campers are excited to see their families, but disappointed to have to leave all the great people they’ve had the opportunity to learn from and play with throughout the week. The afternoon was busy with a camp wide egg hunt, as well as lots of silly and entertaining skits at our weekly Friday Folly Program. After, campers and staff will all enjoy one last dinner together before making final preparations for the parent program and then camper departure. The memories made this week will not be forgotten and we can not wait to see everyone next summer😉. Take a look at all the great pictures from this weeks programs on our Flickr page.

3rd Day of Session 1

It is truly a beautiful day here at Camp Seven Hills. Unfortunately, we have to say good bye to some of our youngest friends. The girls in our It’s My First Time program are ending their stay with us tonight. Parents will be here later to enjoy a short closing program of songs and goodbyes before heading back home with their little ones. We will definitely miss having them around while wrapping up the second half of our first session. Hopefully they will be back next year for a longer stay (or maybe even this summer if we’re lucky ).

In other news, last night, the girls in our Night Owl program ventured off camp in search of new and exciting night time wonders. They stumbled across fun times at midnight bowling and Sky Zone! They bounced and rolled their way to lots of laughs and good times before returning to camp long after the rest of us had gone to bed. Our Silly Scientists have been busy concocting their own rock candy as well as human size bubbles! The girls in our Outdoor Gourmet program have been slaving away decorating their own cupcakes! Be sure to check out the great pictures of everything on our Flickr page. As for the rest of the evening, it’s sure to be filled with lots of swimming and water sports as the entire camp attempts to be escape the hot July sun.

2nd Day of Session 1

Last night here at Camp Seven Hills, in order to properly celebrate our nations Independence Day, we honored the birth of our great country with a flag burning ceremony. Our Junior Counselors in Training (J-CIT’s) led the heart-warming ceremony, which was then followed with a fun and exciting game of flag football! Though we weren’t with our loved ones back at home on this special holiday, we definitely didn’t miss out on any of the excitement this joyous day brings.

Today, the girls in our ropes program we able to conquer some of our high rope elements such as the popular zip line and the challenging tight rope, Berma. The ladies in our riding programs have been having fun getting to know, taking care of, and riding our horses over at the barn. The girls in our Night Owl program made a late night visit to the Tuck Shop last night in order to get their fix of all our great camp merchandise, while the girls in our Silly Scientist program were caught in the act by Freckles, our program director, while attempting to raid the kitchen (all in good fun, of course). Check out some of the great photos of this weeks events so far here on our Flickr page! 😉

1st Day of Session 1

Welcome to the first full day of the 2016 season here at wonderful Camp Seven Hills! We had great weather yesterday and campers were all able to successfully get through the check-in process, get their gear all situated, and complete their swim tests, all before enjoying a delicious pizza dinner!

As the July sun began to set, the entire camp enjoyed the company of one another at our first camp fire full of silly skits and everyone’s favorite camp songs. We could not have asked for a more perfect day to say goodbye to family members and hello to new and old friends here at Camp Seven Hills.

Today, campers have started to really get into the swing of things including completing their kapers, visiting the fully stocked Tuck Shop, and having some of their program photos taken. As the week progresses we will be sure to keep you posted on all the fun stuff they’ll be doing. Be sure to check out our Flickr page too! We will be uploading photos of some of the fun soon!