3rd Day of Session 5

Today was a day full of goodbyes…… We not only had to say farewell to our youngest friends in the It’s My First Time Mini session, but we also had to watch our friends going on the backpacking trip leave us as well. They were dropped off in the Alleghany forest and will be out, alone in the wilderness for 8 whole days! They will be back to rejoin civilization next week, Thursday. We wished them good luck and anxiously wait to hear all about their new adventures when they return.

It sure has been a hot one today at camp. Both the pool and the lake have been busy with campers all day trying to beat the heat. Our campers choice activities after dinner tonight included two options that involved getting a little wet and wild. They could participate in either some fun water sports, Mermaid lessons at the pool, or a less wet but still cool option of dungeons and dragons. We are down two programs, but our spirits are still high.

Take a look at all the beautiful photos on our Flickr page.

2nd Day of Session 5

What an absolutely beautiful day it has been here at Camp Seven Hills! Camp has been bustling with excitement. The girls in both of our ropes programs had the opportunity to attempt our Cat Walk and Two Line high ropes elements today. The girls in our It’s Our First Time mini session had a fun lunch cookout complete with Spider Dogs, mac n’ cheese, and even some s’mores! They also got busy preparing for their overnight stay in sports field. They aren’t the only ones sleeping under the stars tonight though. The girls in our Camp Adventure Girl program hiked over to the other side of camp earlier today to begin their overnight adventure and the girls in our Seven Hills Amazing Race will be heading over to test the elements as well tonight. The rest of us here on the main camp have the option of going to a fun dance party, going on a lost unit hike, or really get our hearts racing with some taekwondo after dinner. I’m sure everyone will be sleeping well tonight 😉

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1st Day of Session 5

Welcome to session 5 here at Camp Seven Hills! Yesterday during check-in the rain held out mostly, but by the evenings end, the thunder was rolling in. Swim and riding tests had to be put on hold and were done throughout the day today. We even relocated opening campfire to the dinning hall hoping to avoid getting caught in the heavy rain storm expected later on. Don’t worry though, we still had a blast with the same silly skits and memorable camp songs. You can see all the pictures of our indoor ceremony here on our Flickr page.

Today, started out a little chilly but quickly warmed up (so the extra time at the pool for tests was far from a bother). The girls in both of our ropes programs had fun tackling our low ropes course as a precursor to the higher elements they will have the opportunity to try as the week continues. The girls in our horse programs have been busy with barn chores, getting to know their horses, and preparing for their first lessons. The Supergirls were initiated and given their capes, while the girls in the Seven Hills Amazing Race program received their Survivor-style buffs and passports and are ready to begin their journey.

We will be sure to keep you posted on all the fun stuff that is happening on the rest of camp as the week progresses.   😉