Summertime at Camp

Our Camp Seven Hills girls are amazing! They took one of the hottest days of the year and made it fun! Extra pool time was scheduled, and counselors encouraged the campers to drink, drink, drink, more water. In addition, juice slushies were a big hit up at the Tuck Shop.

At Sports, the campers brave enough to play a rousing game of Gaga first had a water fight with buckets and a hose to keep cool.

One of the coolest places to be was high up in the trees at the ropes course.  Also, fairies had been busy in the shade of the trees building fairy gardens.

The campers and staff of Camp Seven Hills know how to make summer a memorable one, even on a 90 degree day!

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Session Three at Seven Hills

Summer is on a roll here at Seven Hills! Once everyone settled in their units and dinner was done, it was time for our opening campfire. Staff introduced themselves with funny skits and songs. As the sun set, we made our way back to our units to get ready for bed.

Monday is always a busy day at camp. Swim placement tests are finished in the morning, which turned out to be great news as it reached 90 degrees here today!

Some of us had our turn at Tuck Shop, and some of the older campers left for their two-day campout.

The Grossology group jumped right in and made some Ooblek. You could tell who their counselors were by their bright blue hands.

To kayak and canoe on the lake, campers must first pass their “tippy test.” By the looks of the lake Monday afternoon, many were already becoming more confident in their boating skills!

New friendships were already being made as girls shared games and songs they knew with each other.

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Closing Campfire

What a beautiful day to have our closing campfire!  A rain-free day made our campfire a special one. Each unit picks a favorite song to perform for the campers and staff. Staff members read aloud the Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax.  Five campers received a special pin to commemorate their fifth consecutive year of camping. As the sun set, the counselors each lit a candle to light the path to our closing taps ceremony.

Wednesday, July 10th at Camp Seven Hills

The Night Owls On The Prowl group had a nice sleep in until 10 a.m., as the night before they prowled the woods for nocturnal wildlife.

A popular game in Drama is Dinner Party, in which campers dress in costume and other campers have to guess who they are.

The Leaps and Bounds unit participated in both low and high ropes.  The dangle duo skill, where two campers climb a rope ladder together, helped the girls practice teamwork.

The weather was nice during the day, which made for great kayaking and canoeing. However, a blustery rainstorm during dinner caused us to change our evening plans.  The campers showed their courage and stayed in the dining hall, singing songs and playing games until it passed.

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A Fabulous Monday at Seven Hills!

What a beautiful summer day!  The whole camp was buzzing with activity today, as no umbrellas were needed!

The pool was a popular place, and you could hear the sounds of “Marco”, “Polo” all the way from the pool to the dining hall.

Sports was busy also, with games of gaga, archery, and basketball.

Quite a few campers enjoyed the shade during Arts and Crafts.  You could tell who they were because they were covered in glitter!

Dinner was delicious as usual, and tonight was one of the campers favorites-chicken nuggets!

Campers took their rest time in the shade of the trees to write in their journals or write a quick letter home.

Click the link below for some photos of todays activities.

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Seven Hills Session Two Begins!

Camp staff welcomed campers and their families for week two of Girl Scout Summer camp. Today was a bright sunny sky!  Parents and campers checked in, and checked out the Tuck Shop!

The enthusiasm campers showed in getting their units set up was amazing!  We had a casual buffet dinner of pizza and salad.

Swim testing started today, and will continue for all campers through tomorrow.

A dry opening campfire, full of songs, skits and laughter is a good sign for a wonderful week here at Camp Seven Hills!

Check back daily for links to photos of the fun we are having.

Wednesday & Thursday at Camp Seven Hills

The sun made canoeing and kayaking on the lake a blast!  Some of our older campers had a hike and camp out at Lakeside.  Our younger campers had a mass tent campout up at sports.  The horse arena and ropes course were hopping, as the campers are becoming more and more confident in their skills.  Dining hall is not all about food!  We entertain each other with songs and challenges for a good laugh!  We never waste a minute at camp, so if a unit finds themselves with a few minutes between activities they play a game of Splat or Human Knot!  Tonight will be our closing campfire, and our campers are looking forward to some S’mores!

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