Fabulous Campfire!

We have finished up our camping season with a wonder camp fire where the songs echoed through the trees. After a day of climbing, swimming, and riding around camp the campers have had tons of fun and have learned to be such wonderful G.I.R.Ls.

Wet and Wild Wednesday!

Some many things happening today in the rain and the sunshine! Our girls learned a lot about barn chores and board game strategies in our dining hall. We even had a chance to take a break and jump in the puddles. Smiles and laughter was heard from all over camp!

Talented Tuesday!

With weather letting up today, the campers were out and about with their horses, packing for an overnight on the other side of camp, or even having fun at Arts and Crafts! Please enjoy some of our first sets of NYC photos as well! Enjoy your evening!!

Night of Nights!

Today has been filled with excitement! Our zoologists enjoyed a trip to the Buffalo Zoo, Top Chef girls were cooking up our dessert (cupcakes) for dinner, and much, much more! Stay tuned for tomorrow for a day filled with smiles and laughter, too!