Week 4 – Day 3!

Although the rain was on and off all day, the programs still kept everything going as planned.

Crazy for Horses spent the morning swimming in the pool, visiting Tuck Shop, and playing unit games. The afternoon was spent at the barn, where they got to have a grooming contest.

Our Aqua Girls spent the morning finishing out parts of their training in the pool and then went to arts and crafts and the Tuck Shop and had fun doing games.

High Adventures spent their day at the ropes course doing new activities.

Horse of Course girls got their riding in this morning and then spent the afternoon playing team-building game and Gaga at sports.

Our Keeping it Low girls visited the Tuck Shop, went to the low ropes course, and played games on the low elements, then spent the afternoon using the rest of camp to have fun.

Fun in the Sun had enjoyed activities in arts and crafts, collected bugs and made flower crowns at nature, swam in the pool, and played sports.

Discover the Fun had a busy day after they returned from their overnight at Camp SEven Hills/Lakeside. They had a floating lunch (where they eat lunch on the lake in boat) and played games in sports.

Survivor Girls got back from their overnight at Camp Seven Hills/Lakeside mid-morning and then went boating. Later on they went swimming in the pool and did physical fitness activities.

Our Pony Pals got to have a pony ride and learned how to lead a horse around at the barn. Then spent the afternoon playing group games and doing badge work activities.

Survivor…Camp Style had mental and physical challenges in their unit, then went to sports and played Gaga, a game like dodgeball. The afternoon was spent making things for their secret buddies in arts and crafts, learning about wild animals in nature, visiting the Tuck Shop, and having fun in drama.

Our CITs had a busy day of joint training with the Camp Timbercrest CITs, learning about finance in the morning and then visiting Camp Seven Hills/Lakeside to learn about day camp.

For the evening, we had camper’s choice, with the options of Zumba (dancing exercise), rounders (similar to baseball), basketball, water aerobics, capture the flag, and our lost unit hike.

Check out our pictures from around camp and some videos from camper’s choice!!

Week 4 – Day 2 !

It was a very eventful second day at Camp Seven Hills. Our campers were busy!¬†ACA (American Camping Association) visited us today, and we’re so proud of our staff and campers for showing them what camp is all about.

Our Pony Pals were hustling around camp visiting the Tuck Shop, exploring camp, and spending lots of time at the barn.

The High Adventure group had a sleep in breakfast, where the girls skip breakfast in the dining hall, sleep in, and prepare their own breakfast. Then they went swimming in the pool, had fun in sports, and got to climb the high ropes course element Centipede blindfolded.

The Survivor…Camp Style girls spent their time around camp doing drama, boating, swimming in the pool, doing activities at sports, and visiting the Tuck Shop.

Crazy for Horses spent the morning doing games in drama, making things in arts and crafts, and working on badges. Then their afternoon was spent at the barn, taking lessons and doing barn chores.

Our Fun in the Sun girls had a sleep in breakfast and got some extra sleep. Then their day was spent boating, playing capture the flag, and doing badge work.

Keeping it Low spent the morning on the low ropes course and doing a treasure hunt around camp. Then in the afternoon they got to swim in the pool and make things in arts and crafts.

The Horse of Course girls spent the morning at the barn and then had fun in the afternoon in the pool, at nature building fairy houses, and doing activities in the unit.

Our Aqua Girls spent the morning working on their Junior Life Guard Certification by doing activities in the water and watching videos. Then during the afternoon they went swimming, boating, and got to play Gaga at sports!

The Survival Girls and Discover the Fun girls spent the day doing activities together. They visited the Tuck Shop, went swimming at the pool, and prepared for their hike to the other side of camp for an overnight.

The CITs spent the morning training and doing activities in arts and crafts. Then the afternoon was spent with a visit from the Camp Timbercrest CITs, who will be having an overnight.

Our Extreme Trees and Kayak Adventures group arrived successfully to the Adirondacks Monday evening, and we can’t wait to hear about their trip when they get back.

Check out some pictures from today and we will continue to try and get as many pictures of all the girls the rest of the week.

Week 4 – Day 1 !

We had a great first full day at Camp Seven Hills!

Although the weather wasn’t perfect, our daily routine and camp activities continued. Each program had a great time trying new things, focusing on their programs activities, and making memories with new friends.

The day was finished with an all-camp camper’s choice, an event where each girl decides what activity they will participate in during the evening. Our options this week were: stand up comedy, dance party, finger painting, book club, and braiding!

Check out some pictures from the activities.

Week 4 – Opening Day!

We had a successful and productive move in at Camp Seven Hills.

With everyone in their units and ready to start their busy week, the girls were excited to start the activities planned. The traditional pizza dinner welcomed the girls to camp, followed by opening campfire.

Opening campfire consisted of songs, skits by counselors from each unit, and the rules of camp. After the fun was over, the units split and the girls went back to their units.

Stay tuned to hear and see whats going on around camp for the week!

Week 3/4 – Weekend!

It was an eventful weekend at the Seven Hills Camp!

After our week three girls left, the girls went to an all-camp dance Friday night.

Saturday was a fun-filled day with unit activities in the morning. Then in the afternoon, the girls took part in a camp-wide game of Clue, the mystery of who killed Wilson, followed by movie night, watching Brave in the dining hall.

Sunday morning consisted of unit activities, followed by afternoon activities at sports while the new campers moved in.

New pictures from the Ropes Course

Pictures from the dance and fun over the weekend

Week 3 – Day 5 !

We had a hot, sunny, beautiful fifth day at Camp Seven Hills! Although it wast the last day for some, others are only half way through their two-week session at camp.

Horse of Course spent the morning at the barn doing chores and riding.

Crazy for Horses had fun at arts and crafts this morning then chose to spend time at the barn and ride this afternoon.

High Adventures went to arts and crafts, making a variety of different items, including friendship bracelets, God’s eyes, and wax hands.

Extreme Tress and Kayak Adventures spent the morning climbing in the trees in our high ropes course, testing their skills for next week’s trip.

Fun in the Sun went to Sports and got to play Ga-ga.

Discover the Fun went to arts and crafts during the morning.

Where’s Your Spirit and Dances with Branches spent the morning preparing their things for departure from camp.

The afternoon was a fun filled all-camp counselor hunt! Each unit had clues about where a counselor was and their goal was to be the first group to find all of the counselors hiding. This was followed by Friday Follies.

To conclude our evening, our two-week campers went to a “Hollywood Dance” in the dining hall! Pictures can be found in the post to come.

Check out pictures from the day!

Week 3 – Day 4 !

An exciting fourth day at Camp Seven Hills! A busy day by all was finished with closing campfire for the one week programs. For the girls who are staying another week, can’t wait to see what the next 10 days bring!

Our Where’s Your Spirit girls finished their dance routine and presented it to the camp at dinner.

The Horse of Course and Crazy for Horses groups both spent lots of times at the Barn along with swimming and having fun at Sports!

The Extreme Trees & Kayak Adventures spent the morning preparing around camp for their trip and then went up in the trees in the afternoon to try some new things in our High Ropes Course.

Our Discover the Fun girls went to the Tuck Shop, swam in the pool, and had fun up at sports.

The Fun in the Sun girls went on a fun and adventurous scavenger hunt around camp along with visiting the Tuck Shop and going swimming.

Dances with Branches and High Adventures both went up on new elements, Burma and the Zip Line, having fun tackling the challenges of our high ropes course!

The CITs spent the day training and having fun in arts and crafts while helping other units around camp.

Check out pictures from events around camp today and closing campfire!