Send your girl a care package this summer

Make your girl feel special this summer and send her a care package while she’s at camp. The process is simple: when you’re registering her for camp, select that you would like to send a care package. We’ll need you to include her name, camp, and the session she will be attending when ordering.

From there, we’ll handle everything! The total cost is $5 (including tax), and it includes a stuffed animal, journal with pen, camp patch, water bottle, drawstring bag, and a few extra surprises! Essentially it’s everything she needs to take her camp experience to another level.

Bus Transportation to Camp Timbercrest

Bus transportation is available to Camp Timbercrest for an additional fee of $50 per girl per week. The schedule is listed by time, place and bus stop. Please note that any bus stop stated in this brochure may be cancelled due to an insufficient number of boarding passengers. In this instance, the bus fee will be refunded. Bus refunds will not be given for any other reason or circumstance.

Bus transportation is provided Sunday morning/afternoon and again on Friday evening. Please indicate on the application if you will need bus service and carefully select the bus stop that will be best for your child.

We recommend that you arrive at the bus stop at least 10-15 minutes early. The times printed in this brochure are estimated and may be subject to delay (10-30 minutes) and/or changes pending weather and traffic conditions.  Parents, if you are not at the bus stop when the bus arrives, your daughter will remain on the bus until it reaches the bus terminal.  You will then have to pick her up at the bus terminal.

Camp Timbercrest Bus Schedule


Session 4

Sunday, July 28 and Friday, August 2, 2019            

Wal-Mart, 1490 Hudson Ave. Rochester               

Pick-Up – 9:45 a.m.                         Drop-Off- 8:00 p.m.

Al Sigl Community of Agencies, 1000 Elmwood Ave, Rochester

Pick-Up – 10:15 a.m.                       Drop-Off-  7:30 p.m.


Session 2

Sunday, July 14 & Friday, July 19, 2019

Mount Olive Baptist Church,  701 E Delavan Ave, Buffalo              

Pick-Up – 1:00 p.m.                         Drop-Off- 9:00 p.m.

Bus Transportation to Camp Seven Hills

This year, we have bus transportation to Camp Seven Hills for Session 4, Sunday, July 28, to Friday, August 2. It can be purchased for an additional fee of $50. Please note that any bus stop may be cancelled due to insufficient number of boarding passengers. If this happens, the bus fee will be returned. Refunds will not be given for any other reason or circumstance.

To learn more about the bus stop, visit

The perfect combination of camp and cookies

We all know how great both Girl Scout camp and cookies are, but do you know what’s even better? When they go together! Because they’re two of passions around Girl Scouts, you could say they’re the perfect pair.

This Girl Scout Cookie Season, we have a lot of excellent recognition rewards for our girls that sell, but today we want to highlight how selling cookies can get you to camp.

If you sell 1000+ packages of cookies this year, you can earn ONE FREE WEEK at GSWNY summer camp! Not to mention all the prizes that come before, like narwhal gear, patches, Amazon gift cards, GSWNY Program Reward Cards and Darien Lake season tickets.

We know some troops make it their goal to send all their girls to camp with their cookie money, so we can’t wait to see what you do! As a reminder, booths start March 3, 2019!

Your complete summer camp checklist

Don’t miss a beat of planning with our comprehensive GSWNY Summer Camp Checklist! You can view the list below or download your own here!

GSWNY Resident Camp Checklist

Camp Registration

·        Start camp registration at

·        Camp registration form done on

·        Check drop off times for camp (and bus times, if
applicable) in Camp Information Packet

·        Payment or camp deposit ($25 per session)
attached or payment online if using

·        Review Camp Information Packet online at

Financial Aid Request

·        Request financial aid on

Health and Parent Forms on

·        Health forms

·        Parent info, emergency contacts, and insurance

·        Diet and activity, health history, allergies

·        Authorization/pick-up form

·        Any other medical/parent forms

·        Immunizations – parent scans and uploads to

·        Medications form to be filled out by physician then parent uploads

·        Medical exam form from physician uploads to

Camp Payments

·        Camp balances are due no later than two weeks prior to the start of camp

·        Payment can be made online on, by mail, or in person
at any council office

The week before camp

·        Review camp information packet on

·        Check drop off times for camp in Camp Information Packet and bus times, if applicable

·        Review camp packing list in the Camp Information Packet attached or online if using



Reasonable accommodations for your camper

We want your girl to go to camp, and we want to make that a reality however possible. We’ve already talked about the availability of financial assistance, but that’s not all we can do.

As Girl Scouts, we understand every girl has her own needs and we want to make any reasonable accommodation possible to meet them so she can enjoy summer camp. We don’t believe in letting someone be excluded without trying our best.

If your girl requires special accommodations, including transportation, diet, food restrictions, extra supervision, etc., please contact us BEFORE registering your girl for camp. This will help us evaluate the need and determine possible accommodations that could safely and reasonably be made for you child.

To discuss your options, call 1-888-837-6410 or email

Meet Your Camp Director, Goofy!

Carolyn Magner is back as Camp Seven Hill’s Director! She’s been a part of our family for a long time and here is more of her story:

What is your camp name?

How did you get this name?                                                                               It was given to me by my counselor because I was always singing loudly. I also was a ropes course camper and was always silly as I climbed.

How many years have you worked at camp? What were your previous positions?                                                                                                                       I’ve been at Seven Hills for 23 years and I was at Camp Laurel in Connecticut for two years. Started as a kitchen aide, junior counselor, Ropes Counselor/Director, Waterfront Director, Unit Director, Assistant Camp Director and Camp Director.        

Did you ever camp as a Girl Scout? If so, where and when?                          I grew up at Seven Hills and was a camper for 9 years until I became staff. Troop camping we did Sky High and Seven Hills  

Goofy as a camper!

What’s one of your favorite camp memories?                                                     There are so many! From campers years, I would have to say my times on the ropes course. My counselors allowed me to be a leader and encouraged me to reach beyond my comfort zone. I feel this had made me the teacher, I am today! As a staff member, I have worked with many amazing staff who have become a family to me. OVERALL- campfires and friendship path because you can feel the bonds that have formed. 

Why do you think girls should come to camp this summer?                          Camp is one place where girls and staff come together from various locations to unite and bond. Girls get to make new friends and try new experiences-that will help them to grow and gain independence.

Goofy with campers at Camp Seven Hills

What’s your favorite part about camp?                                                                 Watching the campers grow over the years. Also the generations of families that return and carry on the traditions of camp for their daughters and Girl Scouts. 

Goofy and her nieces at camp ❤