Final Day of Session 6

Today is officially the last day of camp here at Camp Seven Hills for the 2016 season. Every one is so excited to see their families this evening and have been busy packing and cleaning. The harder we work though, the harder we play. The afternoon was full of silly skits and sing alongs at Friday Follies which was preceded by a special all camp activity (which ended up being a relaxing film festival in the dining hall because of the storm lurking around the area). We could not have asked for a better end to the summer though. A huge thank you goes out to all the campers and all the parents that made this summer a huge success.

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4th Day of Session 6

Today at Camp Seven Hills was a very somber day. It wasn’t because we didn’t have another exciting and fun day full of swimming, boating (though, the weather made the last two a little difficult this afternoon), tie-dying, archery, climbing, and riding, but rather because we had our final closing campfire of the summer. Ceremoniously, we lit the final campfire by torch, a tradition we’ve participated in for as long as anyone can remember. We also ended campfire as usual with a walk down the friendship path, while the light of candles held by all the counselors led us safely home. It is very sad knowing that tomorrow will be the last day we have to spend fun times with all our new and old friends, but only tears of joy were shed because the memories made here this week, as well as all the weeks earlier this summer, will not be forgotten:)

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3rd Day of Session 6

Did someone turn up the heat or what! On this extremely hot day, we were excited to welcome back the girls from our Alleghany backpacking trip! They had an amazing time hiking and sleeping under the stars and we were so happy to see all of their beautiful faces back on camp. As you can imagine (after toughing it out in the wilderness for the past week) the first thing they did after unloading themselves and all their gear was hit the showers. They’re all clean, refreshed and ready to rejoin the usual craziness around camp here at Seven Hills.

Tonight’s all-camp activity is truly larger than life…. titled “Goofy, I Shrunk the Kids!” Everyone will have the chance to participate in life-size connect four, giant Foosball, giant ping pong, life-size tic-tac toe, and last but not least, human Guess Who. It’s sure to be a blast 😉

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2nd Day of Session 6

Today at Camp Seven Hills was a hot one! But, we didn’t let the heat slow us down at all. The girls in our ropes programs were busy tackling some of our high ropes elements while the girls in all of our horse programs spent lots of time riding, taking care of, and learning all about the horses. The girls in our Night Owls program might be having the most fun out of all of us today. Tonight, they will be busy at Sky Zone and bowling! They’ll be out late jumping and rolling the night away. The rest of us here on camp will be enjoying some refreshing water games during campers choice tonight in hopes of cooling off before heading off to our units for the night.

And as always, pictures can be found on our Flickr page. Click here to check out some of the great pics from this week so far 😉

1st Day of Session 6

Here at Camp Seven Hills, we have now officially started our final session of the summer. It seems so bitter sweet, exciting to discover what another week has in store, but sad knowing it’s the last.

We are expecting the girls on our Alleghany trip to return back to camp Wednesday and hopefully they’ll have lots of great memories to share with the rest of us (and hopefully some pictures too😉).

This week is sure going to be a hot one. Everyone was definitely looking forward to their scheduled pool and boating activities throughout the day and there’s no doubt Campers Choice will involve lots of wet and wild activities for the next few days. Be sure to stayed tuned to hear about all the great activities we have in store.

Final Day of Session 5

Today at Camp Seven Hills was full of both sadness and happiness. Campers are excited to see their families, but disappointed to have to leave all the great people they’ve had the opportunity to learn from and play with throughout the week. The morning was busy with lots of packing and cleaning. We have our fingers crossed that the weather will stay nice enough for us to make it to our rocking beach party at the pool this afternoon. But, since mother nature has a way of making things interesting for us here at camp, we might just have the opportunity to participate in the not so beauty, beauty pagent. The Miss Ugly Seven Hills Beauty Pagent will be sure to be just as entertaining, if not more, that our planned pool party. Plus, we will of course still have our traditional Friday Folly program to look forward to as well. After, campers and staff will all enjoy one last dinner together before making final preparations for the parent program and then camper departure. The memories made this week will not be forgotten and we can not wait to see everyone next summer😉.

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4th Day of Session 5

Today was an extra exciting day at Camp Seven Hills. The girls in our Seven Hills Amazing Race program were the stars of the show today. They were tasked with “traveling” to seven different countries and then challenged with completing unique tasks specific to the country they’re at. The had to climb the “great wall of China,” sample some maple syrup, build a pyramid in Egypt, and so much more. Who knew you could become so well travelled without even leaving camp!

The girls in our ropes program tackled the zip line and Berma, another one of our high ropes elements, today. As for our dedicated Counselors in Training, they have been busy preparing for their CPR certification, watching instructional videos and practicing using the same tools an actual counselor would have the opportunity to use. As far as our recently departed trip group goes, they checked in with the main office this morning and we were happy to hear they are doing well.

And since today is Thursday, that means tonight is closing campfire. We will use the opportunity to prepare ourselves for all the sad farewells and warm hellos, as we leave our friends, but greet our familes tomorrow 😉

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