Final Day of Session 6

Today is officially the last day of camp here at Camp Seven Hills. Every one is so excited to see their families this evening and have been busy packing and cleaning. The harder we work though, the harder we play. The afternoon was full of silly skits and sing alongs at Friday Follies which was preceded by a special all camp activity. It included a Fashion Show showcasing creations made from recycled materials! We could not have asked for a better end to the summer. A huge thank you goes out to all the campers and all the parents that made this summer a huge success.

Make sure to check out all the great pictures of our last campfire and the fashion show here on our Flickr page ūüėČ

5th Day of Session 6

Yesterday here at Camp Seven Hills was a very somber day. It wasn’t because we didn’t have another exciting and great day full of swimming, boating, tie-dying, candle making, climbing, and ridding, but rather¬†because we had our final closing campfire of the summer. Ceremoniously we lit the final campfire by torch, a tradition we’ve participated in for as long as anyone can remember. We also ended campfire as usual with a walk down the friendship path, while the light of candles held by all the counselors led us safely home. It was very sad knowing¬†Friday would be the last day we have to spend fun times with all our new and old friends, but only tears of joy were shed because the memories made here this week, as well as¬†earlier in the summer, will not be forgotten ūüôā

4th Day of Session 6

Well, we’re sad to report that the weather here at Camp Seven Hills has not improved much. The sun has made a few appearances, but overall it’s been pretty dismal. However, our spirits are still high and the level of excitement is always at a max ūüėČ The girls in the Canter Up program were able to practice their trotting for the first time today and then the girls over at the ropes course tackled Islands in the Sky! The girls in The Artist in You program were also able to make their own candles this morning.

We aren’t going to let a little ran stop us from having a good time! Click here to see some of our photos from this week so far.

3rd Day of Session 6

Yesterday was truly an interesting day here at Camp Seven Hills. The weather wasn’t the best, and though we made it through the morning, we couldn’t escape the rain in the afternoon. We ended up moving our campers choice activities after dinner¬†inside.¬†Campers were able to¬†either attend a¬†fun dance party or play a variety of board games in the dinning hall. The ladies in our Night Owls on the Prowl program headed off to Lasertron last night and returned back to camp around 1am this morning. Hopefully we will be able to post a picture or two of the group that went within the next day or two ūüôā

2nd Day of Session 6

Today at Camp Seven Hills was definitely an interesting one. If you happen to check out some of the pictures here on our Flickr page you wouldn’t even have guessed it¬†was pouring rain¬†for the majority of the afternoon and all through the evening. Some of our overnight expeditions had to be rescheduled, but our creative counselors and very helpful campers managed to successfully get through their cookouts (some¬†including delicious chicken wing dip ūüėČ ) We aren’t going to let the rain get us down though and I’m sure tomorrow will be just as fun of an adventure as today was.

First Day of Session 6

After the very fun and busy weekend here at Camp Seven Hills, we have now officially started our final session of the summer. It seems so bitter sweet, exciting to discover what another week has in store, but sad knowing it’s the last.

We are expecting the girls on our canoeing trip to return back to camp Wednesday and hopefully they’ll have lots of great memories to share with the rest of us ūüėČ

This weeks theme is Peace, Love, and Camp. Be sure to stayed tuned to hear about all the great activities we have in store.

Final Day of Session 5

On our final day here at Camp Seven Hills, we celebrated the end of¬†our¬†theme, Around the World in Six Days,¬†with the first ever Carmen Sandiego-style “Where in the World is Juliet Lowe” scavenger hunt!¬†Campers were tasked with traveling around the world and completing challenges¬†specific to¬†which ever country¬†they were “in” in order to receive a clue to¬†help discover the final¬†answer. Check out all the great pictures of our campers¬†attempting to complete the tasks¬†here!

We could not have asked for a better weather to end our week :). Also a huge thank you goes out to all the campers and parents that made this week possible!