Final Day of Session 4

Today is finally Friday and for you parents reading this, that means in just a few hours you will have your little one safe in your arms for the first time since Sunday (and if your daughter was in a two-week program it has been even longer!), but for us here at camp it means the end of our camp journey is coming to an end 😦 . We hate to have to say goodbye to all our new friends, but we are excited to see our families as well.

The day was not wasted sitting around waiting, though. Campers were busy all morning packing and cleaning. Don’t worry, it wasn’t all work and no play today. After lunch, the campers all participated in a Dinosaur Egg Drop! They were tasked with building a sturdy egg carrier (that’s right, it had to safely hold a REAL EGG) that could withstand a fall from the top of one of high-ropes elements. The goal was to find their egg still intact after the drop. It was a challenging but extremely fun task. The evening included our final dinner together as well as our traditional Friday Follies activities.

So many memories were made here this week and we can’t wait until we are all together again next year πŸ˜‰ Check out the photos here on our Flickr page.

4th Day of Session 4

Yesterday at Camp Seven Hills was the last full day of our fourth session this summer. We ending the day with our traditional closing campfire, that included a walk down the friendship path, followed by the departure to our units for one last night together. Though the evening included a few tears, the day was just as exciting as any other. Our younger friends in the Keeping it Low to the Ground program had fun making human-sized bubbles while the girls in the Pony Pals program were busy with the horses. Our oldest friends in the CIT program had a special lunch cookout, inviting the administrative staff as their special guests, and then later got a little wacky painting with their feet (just showing that here at camp you never really grow up)! The girls living in our Tally Ho and Pine Hollow units battled it out in a fun sing off. The girls were given a lyric and then had the challenge of coming up with a song incorporating that lyric. It was very entertaining to say the least πŸ˜‰

Take a look at some of the photos from this week so far here.

3rd Day of Session 4

Today at Camp Seven Hills was a hot one! We had a very exciting Harry Potter-themed lunch today. The tables were rearranged in groups in attempts to mimic The Great Hall of Hogwarts. Lunch not only included some great food, but also some fun wizarding magic. Unfortunately though, today is Wednesday and if you are familiar with our programs, you know what that means… We have to say goodbye to the girls in our mini session. I’m sure they are all excited to see their families tonight, but we will definitely miss them.

Elsewhere around camp, the girls in our The Artist in You program were busy in arts and crafts this morning working on their Comic Artist badge! This afternoon they will be hiking to the other side of camp, along with the Mud Warriors, for a relaxing but exciting overnight stay. The girls in our Camp Adventure Girl program made it safely to the other side of camp early this afternoon and they’re sure to be busy setting up camp, preparing for dinner, and enjoying the peace and quiet (though I doubt with all the singing, games, and other activities, that it is any quieter πŸ˜‰ )

Click here to see some of the pictures taken this week so far.

2nd Day of Session 4

Today, on the second day of session four, we wished the girls in our Discover the Great Outdoors program a warm goodbye as they set off on their journey to Letchworth State Park! They spent most of the morning packing and preparing for the trip before departing just after lunch and we will be eager to hear all about their trip when they return on Thursday. The girls in our Sneak a Peek Mini program made sure to pack their only full day here at camp with as much fun as possible! They made a visit to the Tuck Shop, had a cookout lunch complete with spider dogs, grilled cheese, and zoe cakes, went swimming, and spent the evening preparing for their overnight camp out in pool field tonight. Our younger friends living in Brownie Lodge had fun swimming and boating this morning, while our friends at the barn continued to work on all their riding skills (which are pretty impressive, by the way, since they’ve already been here over a week!). Our Mud Warriors took a muddy hike today. So muddy that they even got stuck a few times (not that anyone was complaining about that πŸ˜‰ ). There was also lakeside painting during arts and crafts, practice starting one-match fires, and fun water sports. It was definitely a good day here at Camp Seven Hills.

Take a look at some of the great photos from session four so far.

1st Day of Session 4

It’s sad to think that we are just about halfway through our summer here at Camp Seven Hills, but none the less, we are pumped to start a new week! If only Mother Nature was as excited. The rain today has really put a damper in our regularly scheduled activities. All ropes, pool, boating, and sports activities had to be relocated to the dining hall. Our Drama counselor graciously allowed the nature activities to share Wettlaufer, while Arts and Crafts and Tuck Shop weren’t affected all that much, thankfully.

The girls at the barn were still able to ride, but were confined to the indoor arena only (as long as the thunder held off). The girls in our Mud Warriors program were probably the only ones on camp that weren’t sad to see the rain. They tackled the very sloppy mud pit over by the ropes course and then proceeded to parade around camp in their new muddy disguises. Check out all the messy photos on theΒ FlickrΒ page! Here at girls scout camp nothing can rain on our parade!Β 

Final Day of Session 3

Today finally marks the end of our third session here at Camp Seven Hills. The good news is we only have to say goodbye to girls from only half of our programs. The girls from our Crazy for Horses, A Horse of Course, Seven Hills Sisterhood x 2, and our CIT programs are less than halfway through their stay. Today we are celebrating our last day all together with the, Finding Nemo inspired, Great “Butt” Race! Campers will be tasked with choosing a counselor to man their boat, preparing their boat, and rooting them on during their journey across the pool as they compete against other teams. It is sure to a memorable all camp activity! And have no fear, no Friday would be complete without Friday Follies before greeting our families and saying our goodbyes later this evening. We can’t wait to see everyone one. Check out some of the pictures from this week on our Flickr page.

4th Day of Session 3

Our Cave Dwellers and River Rascals are back! The girls arrived just after siesta and got right to work unpacking and cleaning. Their caving and rafting adventure may be over, but there is still tons of excitement to come before we say our goodbyes. The girls in our Seven Hills Sisterhood program provided the refreshments (running their own lemonade stand!) while the Seven Hills Amazing Race girls were off doing their color run! The girls were tasked with traveling to different stations, each themed with a different and unique country, and then completing a particular tasks before being blasted with fun colorful powder.

And because it’s Thursday, our final night together (unless of course you’re in one of our many two-week sessions πŸ˜‰ ) tonight will be our final campfire. It’ll be sure to be filled with lots of silly skits and our favorite camp songs, followed by a trip down the candle lit friendship path. It’ll be sad to see everyone leave tomorrow, but no one will ever be able to take away all the amazing memories we have made together. Click on over to our Flickr page to check out some of the pictures from this week.