A Great Summer at Camp Seven Hills!

Can you believe how quickly the summer went? That’s what happens when you’re having fun! Thank you to everyone who made this year an exciting and successful one for the girls at Camp Seven Hills. We already can’t wait for summer 2015.

See you next year at camp!

Week 6 – Day 4 !

Our closing campfire day was a success. Although closing campfire occurred inside due to the weather, we still made the most of it.

Our Pony Pals learned how to feed a horse safely and also went swimming after their day at the barn.

Mollie’s Tales spent lots of time at the pool and lake, swimming and boating. They also received letters from Molly!

The Camping My Way girls played Gaga and basketball at sports and also did archery.

Canter Up continued their lessons in the morning at the Barn and then went on the Lost Unit Hike and made sculptures in arts and crafts.

Islands in the Sky climbed the rock wall and repelled on the ropes course in the morning then spent the afternoon playing games, including gaga.

Our Babysitter’s did archery, low ropes, went to drama, visited the Tuck Shop, and also spent time at the nature nook.

The Heads Up, Heels Down group spent the morning at the barn doing chores and having lessons then spent the afternoon visiting the Tuck Shop, boating, and playing games at sports.

Night Owls had a sleep-in breakfast and made their own breakfast! Then they went swimming in the pool, visited the Tuck Shop, and made things in arts and crafts.

Our Dances with Branches girls climbed Tower and Dangle Duo (two High Ropes elements), went swimming in the pool, and also did yoga!

The Allegheny hikers went to arts and crafts, went boating, visited Tuck Shop, and made flower crowns in nature.

The CITs had their last day of shadowing.

At closing campfire, each unit performed a song for the camp, the CITs received their pins, and we handed out our 5, 10, and 15 year pins.

Check out videos from closing campfire and pictures from the day!

Week 6 – Day 3!

Today we enjoyed an excellent third day at Camp Seven Hills, filled with memorable moments for all!

All of our horse girls continued getting their lessons, and the Pony Pals even got to ride a horse. Ropes girls experienced the thrilling fun brought from Burma and the Zip Line (two high ropes elements). Our Babysitting girls completed their course and are officially certified babysitters.

The rest of camp continued to experience our fun grounds, swimming in the pool, visiting the Tuck Shop, boating, sports, creating things in arts and crafts, and having fun in drama!

We got a report from our Night Owls on the Prowl about their fun evening last night at Lasertron. The girls could not stop raving about how much fun they had. It was definitely an event and memory they will remember!

Check back tomorrow for pictures and another report on each group!

Week 6 – Day 2!

Our second day at Camp Seven Hills was exciting! Each program got to work in their areas.

The Sneak-a-Peek girls visited the Tuck Shop in the morning and got to make things at arts and crafts.

Camping My Way continued doing new activities around camp, all to their selection.

Our Horse Girls spent much of their day at the barn, having their lessons and completing barn chores.

Islands in the Sky and Dances with Branches spent their time climbing on our high ropes course, tackling the challenges of Catwalk and Two-Line (two of the elements).

The Babysitter’s Club completed part of their training sessions, working toward their Babysitting Certification.

Mollie’s Tales got to learn new things about Molly today, also having fun doing everyday camp activities.

Night Owls had a fun day around camp, learning many new things and having a sleep-in breakfast.

Our Alleghany Backpackers arrived back at camp.

CITs continued shadowing new counselors, learning many new things!

The busy day was completed by Cook-Out, where each unit prepares their dinner and dessert over the campfire.

Week 6 – Day 1!

The first day of our week at Camp Seven Hills was very eventful.

Each program made use of our beautiful day and many programs used the pool to their advantage to stay cool! Groups spent time experiencing many new activities, learning the “ropes” of camp. Our horse girls spent lots of time at the barn and ropes girls on the course.

The day was completed with our first Camper’s Choice evening, an event where each girl picks an activity to participate in. The choices were: Song Writing, Fire Building, Dance, Water Fun, and Rounders (an English game!)

Check out the photos and a video from the thrilling event!

Week 6 – Opening Day!

We had a beautiful day to start off our last week at Camp Seven Hills! Everyone has moved successfully into their units, went for a swim and riding tests are complete. For opening dinner we all enjoyed pizza.

Opening campfire ended the eventful afternoon with songs and skits performed by counselors for introductions. Our theme for the week was also announced, “Bring out your Disney flare!”

Check back daily for updates on each programs daily activities and photos from around camp!

Photos from opening campfire!

Week 5 -Day 4!

The last full day of camp, day four, was very exciting and eventful for all programs. The girls continued and finished up many aspects of their programs, including learning new things and completing badges!

Closing campfire ended the day with out traditional sharing off songs, reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, and our candle lit friendship path.

Check out some photos from the day!