5th Day of Session 5

Today is our last full day of session 5 here at Camp Seven Hills. Though it was a little bit chillier than some of the days prior in the week, it was still filled with the usual excitement of swimming, boating, climbing, ridding, and singing. This evening we had our closing camp fire, full of long lived and always special traditions that will always hold a place in our hearts and memories.

Though we essentially have already said good bye to our friends, we will cherish the time we have together tomorrow before we all go our separate ways again.

4th Day of Session 5

As we wrap up the fourth day here at Camp Seven Hill, we reluctantly say good by to some of our Brownies. The girls from My First Time Mini session left this evening after presenting an enjoyable and adorable parent program to family members that had arrived to pick up their little campers. As we move on with the second half of our week we will miss their little smiles and will count the days until next year when hopefully they’ll be ready to try a whole week with us!

Click here to visit our Flickr page full of photos from our fifth session here at Camp Seven Hills! Check out all the fun things your campers have been up to 😉

3rd Day of Session 5

As the third day of our fifth session of camp came to a close, it was evident that today had been a great day! We were able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine plus a little bit of heavy rain in the early afternoon, but we didn’t let that stop the fun. Campers were able to play some fun water activities at sports, including a wet sponge war and an exciting water piñata! All the counselors have graciously welcomed the aid of our very mature and helpful CIT’s. Each one of them has been doing an excellent helping out in the units they’ve been assigned

Checkout some of the photos from this session so far here at our Flickr page.

2nd Day of Session 5

On the second day here at wonderful Camp Seven Hills, campers have started to really get into the swing of things including completing their kapers, visiting the Tuck Shop, and even managing to withstand a little bit of rain.

Between yesterday and today, just about all the campers had their program photos taken. At the barn, the dinning hall, and other spots around camp, everyone looked right at home and definitely looked their best! Though the weather was a little unpredictable, the girls were still able to go swimming, boating, and even played a little soccer over at sports.

Check out some photos here at our Flickr page 🙂

First Day of Session 5

We began our fifth session with the beautiful sun shining down on us. Campers were all able to get through the check-in process, get their gear all situated, and complete their swim tests, all before enjoying a fun homemade pizza dinner!

As the warm August sun began to set, the entire camp enjoyed the company of one another at our first camp fire full of silly skits and everyone’s favorite camp songs. We could not have asked for a more perfect day to say goodbye to family members and hello to new and old friends here at Camp Seven Hills.

Final Day of Session 4

As the day came to an end at camp Seven Hills, we realized how special this place really is, as well as the people who visit summer after summer. For some of us, it was the ending of a two week stay here. To end our High School Musical themed session, we held a pep rally full of silly looking mascots and tug of war contests. Before welcoming family and saying goodbye to old and new friends, we enjoyed one more dinner together. Thank you to everyone who made the past week (or the past two weeks) truely unforgettable :).