Session 1: Afternoon activities

A little bit of everything happened today! We were enjoying Archery, the pool, Horseback riding, Climbing and being great go-getters on the zip-line! Our Amazing Racers traveled around the whole camp completing challenges to make it to the end of their trip! Off we go to Closing Campfire!!!

Busy Campers!

It is now lunch time and these campers are ready for lunch! Check out all the new photos of the Climbing Masters, Campers at the Barn, and Horse lessons. We  even get multiple chance to visit the pools and blow bubbles once in awhile!

Wednesday (part 2)

Watch out parents- Molly the whale was visiting us today at the pond!

We’re in the home stretch! The Campers are building forts tonight and camping out all over camp! Keep an eye out tomorrow for the fun filled photos of these evening events  our day.