2019 Session 5 Programs at Camp Seven Hills

Today we’re covering our final week of camp, happening Sunday, August 4, to Friday, August 9. Registration for our final session closes July 22, 2019. For more programs, visit our  Resident Camp Guide on our website.

Girls in Grades 1-3 in Fall 2019

  • It’s My First Time Mini Session: Mini sessions run Sunday to Wednesday. As a first-time camper, you’ll spend four days and three nights enjoying of the very best that resident camp has to offer. Sleep in the one of our cool lodges at camp, while you swim, play games, make crafts, explore the forest, learn to make a fire, cook outside, and sample so many other fun parts of camp life. Don’t forget to bring your best friend along with you!
  • Pony Pals: If you are a girl who loves horses, this introductory program is for you! Spend the week learning the basic ins and outs of the horse program. You will get your first riding lesson, take a tour of the barn, meet the horses, and try grooming, feeding, mounting, dismounting, and tack care with these friendly, four-legged friends. Girls will have one introductory riding lesson and one guided horse ride. Girls must wear long pants and boots with 3/4-inch heel.

Girls in Grades 4-6 in Fall 2019

  • Camp Adventure Girl: This is your chance to learn some serious outdoor skills and time-honored wilderness techniques like fire and shelter making, finding and purifying water, and identify plants for food, medicine, and utility. What is a solar still? Which way is north? Put your skills to the test. All this and other fun stuff at camp await you. Do you have what it takes to be a Camp Adventure Girl? Successful completion of this program will gain you membership into the Camp Adventure Club.
  • Climbing Masters: Challenge yourself and master the elements of the Seven Hills Ropes Course. Test your skills on elements such as Islands in the Sky, Two-Line, Catwalk, Dangle Duo, Burma Bridge or Zip-Line. You can do all of this while still enjoying the splendors of camp life. Girls will earn the Seven Hills ropes course patch along with the activity rider for each ropes course element that they participate on.
  • Long Reins, Free Walk: This program is open to riders at ALL LEVELS – beginner to advanced. The emphasis will be on the basics of English riding and how to apply them to dressage. Lessons also include stable management, basic barn chores, grooming, cleaning the stalls, and feeding the horses. Lessons will be given based on ability and girls will perform a dressage presentation at the end of the camp week. Girls will also learn what a judge would be looking for in order to get the most points and what the different rules are in the sport. Campers will earn the horse patch with rider level(s). Girls participating in the two-week program will remain at camp the entire two weeks.
  • Secret Agent Super Sleuths: Calling all future CIA and FBI agents to Camp Seven Hills! Turn your unit into your very own Secret Super Sleuth Headquarters as you create secret codes to communicate with your secret agent pals. Put your skills to the test as you crack the code to the Camp Seven Hills Break-Out, then take a trip to the Buffalo Escape Room, where you can challenge your sleuthing skills in real time! Girls will earn requirements towards the following Girl Scout badges: Junior – Detective / Cadette – Special Agent
  • Seven Hills Sisterhood: In this program you and your friends make the choices that work for you. Select your favorite programs such as sports, outdoor skills, swimming, arts and crafts, and relaxation.

Girls in Grades 7-12 in Fall 2019

  • Mud Warriors: You and your fellow warriors will face off and compete in mental and physical challenges. Try your hand at a mud scavenger hunt, or a mud slip and slide, or maybe a mud obstacle course. The possibilities are endless! After a day of hard competition relax with a soothing mud bath or mud facial. All of the other great camp activities such as swimming, boating, outdoor cooking and more are also included.
  • Night Owls with Lasertron: Are you ready to experience nature’s nightlife at Camp Seven Hills? Prowl around our trails at night, search the sky for a shooting star, have a glow-in-the-dark party with games, plan a kitchen raid, and shop in the Tuck Shop, all at night. You will also head out to Lasertron for a laser tag sleep-in. Stay up all night playing laser tag and games along with pizza and pop. After a hard night of play, sleep late the next morning with time to enjoy your favorite camp activities in the afternoon. Girls must be at least 46 inches tall in order to participate at Lasertron.
  • Riders Up!: This program is open to riders with skills at ALL LEVELS – beginner through advanced. The emphasis throughout the week will be on the rider’s position, how to control your horse, and learning about dressage. Stable management will also be taught including basic barn chores, grooming, cleaning the stalls, and feeding the horses. The girls will also learn what a judge would be looking for in order to get the most points and what the different rules are in the sport. Girls will receive lessons based on their riding ability and will perform a small horse presentation at the end of the camp week. Campers will earn the horse patch with rider level(s).
  • The Seven Hills Amazing Race: You have seen it on TV. Now it is your chance to do it at camp! Girls will test their teamwork to overcome and conquer challenges across six “countries” in camp. Road blocks might include climbing, shelter or raft building, archery, canoeing, tent pitching, fire building, outdoor cooking, kayaking, and more. It’s non-stop adventure to the end! Successful completion of this program will gain you membership into the Camp Adventure Club.

Don’t forget about financial aid for camp!

It’s Girl Scout Camp Week and in only a few months, it will be time for summer camp. As you’re thinking about what your girl will do this summer, consider sending her to Girl Scout camp. We have the financial aid options available to make sure your girl can experience camp.

At Girl Scouts, we believe in the value of camp. Since our beginnings, getting girls outside has been one of our primary areas of focus. In fact, it currently stands as one of our four program pillars – STEM, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Outdoors.

Knowing how important it is for girls to go outdoors, we want to make sure every girl has the opportunity. Our goal is always to make sure that no one is excluded from our program for any reason, including financial.

If your girl is a member of Girl Scouts of Western New York, we have financial aid options available for her. The Summer Camp Financial Assistance Application needs to be completed asap for consideration.

To apply, register for camp and fill out the financial aid application included. Physical forms can be picked up at our service centers.

Open House at Camp Seven Hills!

Interested in learning more about Camp Seven Hills before you or your girl attends? Check out our open house! Here you can take a tour and get a firsthand look at our excellent facilities. Our qualified staff will be in attendance to answer your questions and show you how camp runs in the summer.

For some added fun, our Tuck Shop will be open with the new summer merchandise available for purchase, so you or your girl can get ready for an incredible camp experience!

The Open House at Camp Seven Hills is Monday, July 1, from 5 to 8 p.m. See you then! As a note, the open house is for the Goodyear side of camp only.