Week 1- Day 2

Camp Seven Hills had a rainy but exciting second day of camp.
Our Junior CIT girls made the best of the gloomy weather by spending the day in training, participating in discussions, writing in journals, teaching camp songs, and doing group team building activities.
Our Silly Scientists made a trip up to the barn today and enjoyed petting the ponies.
The Islands in the Sky group had fun with ropes games in the morning, made a trip to the Tuck Shop to get some Camp Seven Hills goodies, and learned lots of new camp songs.
The Night Owls went on a scavenger hunt throughout the camp today and had a great time. They tracked down lots of silly things from the counselors around camp and even found Freckles’ bananas.
Our Babysitters Club girls enjoyed making funny skits and watching others perform in drama with Belle.
The Canter Up girls had a great time at the barn and were very helpful with the horses.
Our Duct Tape Art group made friendship bracelets in arts and crafts, performed skits, and dressed up in drama. Plus, they made a trip to Tuck Shop for some shopping.
The Heads Up, Heels Down girls enjoyed time at the barn today, and some girls even had their first riding lessons.
Camping My Way girls had a great time trying new drama games.
It’s My First Time had a lot of fun in Arts and Crafts and really enjoyed the garlic bread at dinner tonight.
We’re looking forward to more fun tomorrow!!

Check out photos of some of today’s activities!

5 thoughts on “Week 1- Day 2

  1. Love that there is a blog for the summer campers. This is my daughter’s (K) first year going to summer camp. Would love to have the day campers included, i am so interested to see what she is up to

    • Thanks for checking it out, Cristina, and we are so glad you like it. The theory behind having blogs for resident camp was that the girls can’t go home each night to tell their families about what they are doing, while that is possible for girls who are at day camp, but we understand where you are coming from. Your suggestion has been noted and is appreciated! Wishing her a great first summer at camp 🙂

  2. This is my daughter’s first year at camp. It’s great having this blog as it made me feel better seeing my daughter having fun at opening campfire.

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