Week 1 – Day 4

The camp was beautiful on day four at Camp Seven Hills!

The Babysitter’s Club went to sports in the morning and played soccer, followed by a fun filled time at the pool. In the afternoon, the girls worked on team-building skills on the low ropes course, completed more lessons with their babysitting certification course, and finished with a trip to the Tuck Shop.

The Junior CIT girls spent some of their morning in the Tuck Shop, followed by training. Then had a fun afternoon doing archery and playing Gaga.

Our Silly Scientists took an adventurous hike after their swimming lessons, followed by a fun time in arts and crafts.

Heads Up, Heels Down spent lots of time at the barn, furthering their riding skills to trotting and the basics of raised rails.

The Islands in the Sky girls had fun messing around in drama during the morning. Then all afternoon they went to the heights and faced the challenges of the two line and the cat walk.

The Night Owls slept in late and then had fun in Arts and Crafts, along with spending some time at sports doing Archery.

The Canter Up girls learned how to trot while in two point position today on a lead line.

Our Duct Tape Art group continued to make duct tape creations, spent time at drama, shopped at the Tuck Shop, and went on the Lost Unit hike.

Camping My Way girls had a full day doing a bit of everything. They made fairy houses and talked about different animal habitats in Nature, did team-building activities with Low Ropes Course, and spent some time in the Tuck Shop.

It’s My First Time said goodbye to Seven Hills. However, they had a fun filled day with swimming, shopping at the Tuck Shop, and time at arts and crafts.

After Campers’ Choice their was an All-Camp Cupid Shuffle dance outside the dining hall (Check out the photos!). Then to finish the night off, Woodland Way, Brownie Lodge, Sugarbush, and Plainsman are camping out this evening in tents.

We’re looking forward to more fun tomorrow!!

Check out the Photos!

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