Week 3 – Day 5 !

We had a hot, sunny, beautiful fifth day at Camp Seven Hills! Although it wast the last day for some, others are only half way through their two-week session at camp.

Horse of Course spent the morning at the barn doing chores and riding.

Crazy for Horses had fun at arts and crafts this morning then chose to spend time at the barn and ride this afternoon.

High Adventures went to arts and crafts, making a variety of different items, including friendship bracelets, God’s eyes, and wax hands.

Extreme Tress and Kayak Adventures spent the morning climbing in the trees in our high ropes course, testing their skills for next week’s trip.

Fun in the Sun went to Sports and got to play Ga-ga.

Discover the Fun went to arts and crafts during the morning.

Where’s Your Spirit and Dances with Branches spent the morning preparing their things for departure from camp.

The afternoon was a fun filled all-camp counselor hunt! Each unit had clues about where a counselor was and their goal was to be the first group to find all of the counselors hiding. This was followed by Friday Follies.

To conclude our evening, our two-week campers went to a “Hollywood Dance” in the dining hall! Pictures can be found in the post to come.

Check out pictures from the day!

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