Week 4 – Day 2 !

It was a very eventful second day at Camp Seven Hills. Our campers were busy! ACA (American Camping Association) visited us today, and we’re so proud of our staff and campers for showing them what camp is all about.

Our Pony Pals were hustling around camp visiting the Tuck Shop, exploring camp, and spending lots of time at the barn.

The High Adventure group had a sleep in breakfast, where the girls skip breakfast in the dining hall, sleep in, and prepare their own breakfast. Then they went swimming in the pool, had fun in sports, and got to climb the high ropes course element Centipede blindfolded.

The Survivor…Camp Style girls spent their time around camp doing drama, boating, swimming in the pool, doing activities at sports, and visiting the Tuck Shop.

Crazy for Horses spent the morning doing games in drama, making things in arts and crafts, and working on badges. Then their afternoon was spent at the barn, taking lessons and doing barn chores.

Our Fun in the Sun girls had a sleep in breakfast and got some extra sleep. Then their day was spent boating, playing capture the flag, and doing badge work.

Keeping it Low spent the morning on the low ropes course and doing a treasure hunt around camp. Then in the afternoon they got to swim in the pool and make things in arts and crafts.

The Horse of Course girls spent the morning at the barn and then had fun in the afternoon in the pool, at nature building fairy houses, and doing activities in the unit.

Our Aqua Girls spent the morning working on their Junior Life Guard Certification by doing activities in the water and watching videos. Then during the afternoon they went swimming, boating, and got to play Gaga at sports!

The Survival Girls and Discover the Fun girls spent the day doing activities together. They visited the Tuck Shop, went swimming at the pool, and prepared for their hike to the other side of camp for an overnight.

The CITs spent the morning training and doing activities in arts and crafts. Then the afternoon was spent with a visit from the Camp Timbercrest CITs, who will be having an overnight.

Our Extreme Trees and Kayak Adventures group arrived successfully to the Adirondacks Monday evening, and we can’t wait to hear about their trip when they get back.

Check out some pictures from today and we will continue to try and get as many pictures of all the girls the rest of the week.

2 thoughts on “Week 4 – Day 2 !

  1. The pictures are a good idea, however, it would be nice if pictures of all the kids were featured. It seems that I am seeing pictures of the same girls on each day. I have yet to see a picture of my niece and she’s been there 3 days! Since this is the only form the “communication”, it would be nice to see that she’s enjoying herself. Please, try to be more cognisant of this. Thank you.

    • Thank you for reading and for providing feedback. We understand everyone wants to see their girl and all the fun she is having! We try to get a variety of photos from the day and get as many girls as we can, but it is a challenge. We take your feedback to heart and will try to get a better variety for the future. Thanks.

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