Week 5 – Day 3!

The third was very exciting at Camp Seven Hills!

We said goodbye to our mini session today, It’s My First Time, we had a great time with them!

The Camping My Way group spent the morning playing games at Drama and boating. Their afternoon was spent at the Tuck Shop, swimming in the Pool, and challenging themselves and their team building abilities on the Low Ropes Course.

The Canter Up girls spent the morning at the Barn, having lessons and doing chores. The afternoon was filled with time at Arts & Crafts, Drama, and at the Tuck Shop.

The Aqua Girls learned more lessons for their Junior Lifeguard Certifications, then spent time at Arts & Crafts, the Tuck Shop, Drama, and went free swimming in the Pool.

Highwire Adventures went climbing in the morning on our High Ropes Course elements, Catwalk and Two Line. Then spent the afternoon boating, at Drama, and learning things at Nature.

Our Heads Up, Heels Down girls went to Arts & Crafts, boating, and spent the afternoon at the Barn!

The Climbing, Climb Away girls finished Centipede today, along with climbing Catwalk and Two Line (two more High Ropes Course elements!) They also went to Arts & Crafts, swimming in the Pool, visited the Tuck Shop, and are ending the night with a campout!

The Great Cupcake Challenge group went to Archery and Nature in the morning. Then spent the afternoon learning and decorating cupcakes, along with working on badge work!

Our Imagine and Connect girls went to Nature and Archery in the morning. Then went swimming at the Pool in the afternoon, along with playing with the Kinecs and making different things for competitions!

Paws and Claws traveled to the Buffalo Zoo, where they received a tour and got to see all the animals!

The Survivor Girls went swimming in the Pool, boating, made skit in Drama, and visited the Tuck Shop!

Our Backpacking the Alleghany National Forest packed up and left for their eight day journey at Alleghany! We will try our best to receive updates!

Our CITs continued learning and experience counselor life!

The night was complete with the final Camper’s Choice with the options of Song Writing, Book Club, Cheer, and “the Game.”

Check out pictures from today! More to come tomorrow!

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