5th Day of Session 1

Here at Camp Seven Hills, our luck finally ran out as we reached the fifth day of session 1. It rained and rained and rained and poured and rain some more, all day. The girls at the ropes course were soaked to the bone as they entered the dinning hall and all swimming and boating activities were cancelled. Instead campers gathered for games inside after lunch in attempts to stay warm, dry, but still had the opportunity to have some good laughs.

On a sunnier note, our Silly Scientists hosted a party full of fun and unique games such as Pin the Test tube on the Scientist (a fun spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey). It was a relief to see everyone having such a great time together despite the wet weather conditions.

Click here to check out our rainy day pictures 🙂

3 thoughts on “5th Day of Session 1

    • Night Owls have been busy this week! They made their trip to Lasertron on Tuesday (follow the link below for the picture we just got back!), camped out by our lake and had a late night cookout, and had a glow party in Wettlaufer! They’ve been enjoying staying out late and sleeping through breakfast every morning, getting to enjoy breakfast in their unit instead! They’ve been doing so many late night activities that it’s hard for us to get many good pictures, but we got a great picture from Lasertron, and the girls will be sent home with print outs of their group shot from earlier in the week and their Lasertron photo!


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