3rd Day of Session 2

The only song on all our minds here at camp Seven Hills today was “rain, rain, go away, come again some other day,” or not at all ;). With flash flood warnings in effect until 6pm, the entire camp spent most the day together in the dinning hall watching movies, making friendship bracelets, designing boondoggle creations, and hoping the storm would pass us by. Everyone stayed safe and dry and we escaped the worst of the storms with just some persistent rain. We look forward to some sunshine and the chance to try and make up for the lost time tomorrow.

2nd Day of Session 2

Today at camp Seven Hills, everyone took advantage of the warm and beautiful sunshine. The campers in our horse programs were able to take lessons and practice their ridding skills in our outdoor arena, during boating campers were able to get through their tippy test safely and successfully, the girls in our secret agent program practiced their spy rolls and other maneuvers outside at the sporting complex, and everyone posed beautifully for their group photos to go home at the end of the week. We hope that the rest of the week continues to be this perfect.

Check out out all the great photos of our adventures thus far here at our Flickr page!

1st Day of Session 2

After the very busy weekend here at Camp Seven Hills because of our 85th anniversary, we reluctantly said goodbye to old friends and family who helped make it unforgettable celebration and hello to all our new (and returning) friends as we kick off Session two. This weeks theme is Curtains Up! It’s going to be all about Broadway and celebrating our campers many unique and special talents (plus the very exciting and much anticipated trip to NYC to see Matilda the musical which some of our campers have chosen to embark on!) We cannot wait to get the party stated here during our second week all together and report back to you on all our adventures đŸ˜‰

Final Day of Session 1

On our final day here at Camp Seven Hills, we celebrated the end of Pirate Week with the first ever Great Pirate Boat Race! Campers were asked to choose a captain (a counselor), name and design a vessel for their captain (storage bins), and then help cheer them on with creative songs and chants during their voyage/battles through the Seven Hills Seas (our pool) against other pirates. Check out all the great pictures of our campers creations here!

We could not have asked for a better kick off to our summer. A huge thank you goes out to all the campers and parents that made it possible!

5th Day of Session 1

Here at Camp Seven Hills, our luck finally ran out as we reached the fifth day of session 1. It rained and rained and rained and poured and rain some more, all day. The girls at the ropes course were soaked to the bone as they entered the dinning hall and all swimming and boating activities were cancelled. Instead campers gathered for games inside after lunch in attempts to stay warm, dry, but still had the opportunity to have some good laughs.

On a sunnier note, our Silly Scientists hosted a party full of fun and unique games such as Pin the Test tube on the Scientist (a fun spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey). It was a relief to see everyone having such a great time together despite the wet weather conditions.

Click here to check out our rainy day pictures đŸ™‚

4th Day of Session 1

As we wrap up the fourth day here at Camp Seven Hill, we reluctantly say good by to some of our Brownies. The girls from My First Time Mini session left this evening after presenting an enjoyable and adorable parent program to family members that had arrived to pick up their little campers. As we move on with the second half of our week we will miss their little smiles and will count the days until next year when hopefully they’ll be ready to try a whole week with us!

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3rd Day of Session 1

As the third day of camp came to a close, there were no doubts in our minds that it had been a great one. We were able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine for the majority of the day while campers participated in activities such as making giant, camper filled bubbles (yes, bubbles),  a full morning of sky high adventures over at the ropes course, fun lessons on how to make your own rock candy, and of course, no day at camp is complete without some fun and/or relaxing time swimming at the pool. We can not wait to see what tomorrow will bring đŸ™‚

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