Final Day of Session 3

Today finally marks the end of our third session here at Camp Seven Hills. The good news is we only have to say goodbye to girls from only half of our programs. The girls from our Crazy for Horses, A Horse of Course, Seven Hills Sisterhood x 2, and our CIT programs are less than halfway through their stay. Today we are celebrating our last day all together with the, Finding Nemo inspired, Great “Butt” Race! Campers will be tasked with choosing a counselor to man their boat, preparing their boat, and rooting them on during their journey across the pool as they compete against other teams. It is sure to a memorable all camp activity! And have no fear, no Friday would be complete without Friday Follies before greeting our families and saying our goodbyes later this evening. We can’t wait to see everyone one. Check out some of the pictures from this week on our Flickr page.

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