4th Day of Session 5

Today was an extra exciting day at Camp Seven Hills. The girls in our Seven Hills Amazing Race program were the stars of the show today. They were tasked with “traveling” to seven different countries and then challenged with completing unique tasks specific to the country they’re at. The had to climb the “great wall of China,” sample some maple syrup, build a pyramid in Egypt, and so much more. Who knew you could become so well travelled without even leaving camp!

The girls in our ropes program tackled the zip line and Berma, another one of our high ropes elements, today. As for our dedicated Counselors in Training, they have been busy preparing for their CPR certification, watching instructional videos and practicing using the same tools an actual counselor would have the opportunity to use. As far as our recently departed trip group goes, they checked in with the main office this morning and we were happy to hear they are doing well.

And since today is Thursday, that means tonight is closing campfire. We will use the opportunity to prepare ourselves for all the sad farewells and warm hellos, as we leave our friends, but greet our familes tomorrow 😉

Take a look at some of the pictures on our Flickr page.

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