1st Day of Session 6

Here at Camp Seven Hills, we have now officially started our final session of the summer. It seems so bitter sweet, exciting to discover what another week has in store, but sad knowing it’s the last.

We are expecting the girls on our Alleghany trip to return back to camp Wednesday and hopefully they’ll have lots of great memories to share with the rest of us (and hopefully some pictures too😉).

This week is sure going to be a hot one. Everyone was definitely looking forward to their scheduled pool and boating activities throughout the day and there’s no doubt Campers Choice will involve lots of wet and wild activities for the next few days. Be sure to stayed tuned to hear about all the great activities we have in store.

5 thoughts on “1st Day of Session 6

    • Hi, Melissa,

      The staff member that gets photos has other duties she has to perform throughout the day, but she does the best she can to try to visit as many activities as possible. This is also the reason there isn’t a set time for posts to appear. Because the activities vary throughout the week, the blog can’t always go up at the same time daily. Typically, we try to post around 4pm or around 9am the next day. This can vary, but that’s the best estimation we can give.

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