3rd Day of Session 6

Did someone turn up the heat or what! On this extremely hot day, we were excited to welcome back the girls from our Alleghany backpacking trip! They had an amazing time hiking and sleeping under the stars and we were so happy to see all of their beautiful faces back on camp. As you can imagine (after toughing it out in the wilderness for the past week) the first thing they did after unloading themselves and all their gear was hit the showers. They’re all clean, refreshed and ready to rejoin the usual craziness around camp here at Seven Hills.

Tonight’s all-camp activity is truly larger than life…. titled “Goofy, I Shrunk the Kids!” Everyone will have the chance to participate in life-size connect four, giant Foosball, giant ping pong, life-size tic-tac toe, and last but not least, human Guess Who. It’s sure to be a blast 😉

Take a look at the great photos from this week so far on our Flickr page.

One thought on “3rd Day of Session 6

  1. So incredibly disappointing that pictures are only taken of the girls in horseback riding camp. What about the rest of the girls? Would be nice to be able to see our kids too!

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