Attention: Loss of Power at Camp Seven Hills 7/20/17

Due to the storm, Camp Seven Hills has lost power.  Everyone is safe.  Operations are fine and provisions have been made for cooking and drinkable water.  The phones are currently down as well, but please feel free to contact our Customer Care line with any additional questions 888-837-6410.  Again, everyone is safe and sound!

8 thoughts on “Attention: Loss of Power at Camp Seven Hills 7/20/17

  1. Yes – thank you very much for the update. Very glad to hear everyone is OK and being safe. Please let us know how the camp is doing as well, are there many trees down? Are the structures ok? This will be quite the story for the girls to tell when they are older!

    • Camp actually fared quite well. A small number of branches came down, but otherwise camp was largely untouched. The property team has been inspecting and re-inspecting the structures to make sure everything is safe.

    • Camp Director Goofy made sure that everyone was safe and well taken care of! We love having her as our director because we know she’d do anything for the girls! — Susan C, GSWNY staff

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