Beginning of Session 4

Seven Hills is back in action with new groups of campers! This morning, our Rocks & Ropes group set off for their trip to Canada and will be back on Thursday. We are hoping they take many photos on their trip. Meanwhile, half of the Top Chef girls headed off to Tops Cooking School for their cooking class; the rest will be going on Friday morning. To see pictures from today’s morning swim, please see our Flickr page: Photo Link. More pictures will come over the following days! Please note that the photos displayed are random.

P.S.: Girls can do amazing things with Girl Scouts all year long – click here to learn more! Plus, the first 50 people to renew for 2018 Camp by August 13th, 2017 will receive a 2018 Camp sweatshirt (2018 Camp re-registrations for this promotion can be done in person at camp by August 13, 2017). Also, create an account in WordPress and enable the browser notifications to get instant notifications about new camp blog posts even when you are not actively using

P.P.S. If you have any photos of dropping off your camper that you’d like to share, we’re excited to see them! We’ll post them on social media, plus we’d love to possibly use them in future marketing materials. Send your camper pics to with your girl’s name and camp unit or program, plus if she a first-timer or a repeat camper.


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