Meet Your Camp Director, Goofy!

Carolyn Magner is back as Camp Seven Hill’s Director! She’s been a part of our family for a long time and here is more of her story:

What is your camp name?

How did you get this name?                                                                               It was given to me by my counselor because I was always singing loudly. I also was a ropes course camper and was always silly as I climbed.

How many years have you worked at camp? What were your previous positions?                                                                                                                       I’ve been at Seven Hills for 23 years and I was at Camp Laurel in Connecticut for two years. Started as a kitchen aide, junior counselor, Ropes Counselor/Director, Waterfront Director, Unit Director, Assistant Camp Director and Camp Director.        

Did you ever camp as a Girl Scout? If so, where and when?                          I grew up at Seven Hills and was a camper for 9 years until I became staff. Troop camping we did Sky High and Seven Hills  

Goofy as a camper!

What’s one of your favorite camp memories?                                                     There are so many! From campers years, I would have to say my times on the ropes course. My counselors allowed me to be a leader and encouraged me to reach beyond my comfort zone. I feel this had made me the teacher, I am today! As a staff member, I have worked with many amazing staff who have become a family to me. OVERALL- campfires and friendship path because you can feel the bonds that have formed. 

Why do you think girls should come to camp this summer?                          Camp is one place where girls and staff come together from various locations to unite and bond. Girls get to make new friends and try new experiences-that will help them to grow and gain independence.

Goofy with campers at Camp Seven Hills

What’s your favorite part about camp?                                                                 Watching the campers grow over the years. Also the generations of families that return and carry on the traditions of camp for their daughters and Girl Scouts. 

Goofy and her nieces at camp ❤

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