SH: Session 4- Wednesday

It was an amazing day! Our NYC trip group was all over the city representing our Girl Scout Greatness! We were also enjoying the sunshine, competing in wizarding school activities, and practicing T-rescues (helping others that are flipped in a canoe).

2 thoughts on “SH: Session 4- Wednesday

  1. We were wondering if there were possibly photos and videos from the other groups in the nyc trip? Particularly Freezers group, we can’t find any

    • Anything we have on Flickr is everything the camp staff provided to us. Because the photos are uploaded by a staff member on-site at Seven Hills and people on the trip wouldn’t have access, it’s possible since your comment that photos were added upon their return, but unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee photos from particular groups at camp. If you have further questions about photos at camp, please contact and they will be able to connect you with a camp staff member.

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