SH: Session 4 Tuesday/Wednesday

We have had such an exciting and busy two days here at Camp Seven Hills! You wouldn’t believe how quiet a camp of girls can be at EXTREME silent dinner! Our CITs have been busy at work earning their Red Cross First Aide and CPR Certifications. Seven Hills Sorcery snuck into the Camp Directors/Assistant Director’s cabin to steal Ice Cream and Cream Soda to make their very own Butterbeer. Will they get caught!? The climbing masters have been busy working on their balance on two of our high elements, Catwalk and Two-Line. Our Outdoor Artisans painted rocks to add to the famous friendship path that we walk after every closing campfire. Sneak-a-peak made some crazy – gooey – colored slime before they sang Sunny Side to their parents as they left for the week, but we hope they return next summer. Shutter Bugs started working on their pinhole cameras after testing their knowledge on a game of Photography Jeopardy. The Camper vs. Counselor crew have been designing their team t-shirts and starting to plan the ultimate competition in hopes of finally proving that campers are better than counselors. Finally, the JCITs are practicing the camp basics by learning about outdoor cooking at their cookout and taking some time to cool off at the pool. We wrapped up our day with a camp wide EXTEME MINI GAME Challenge. Where groups tried games like; giant pick up sticks, human packman, and Wii Tennis (and many more). Stay tuned to see what our awesome campers are up to tomorrow!

Check out some cool photos here:

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