SH: Session 5-Tuesday

Today in the Hills of Camp Seven Hills there was so much happening! We started our day with Plainsman (Climbing Masters) going to Polar Bear Swim before hitting up the Ropes Course to climb Two Line and Catwalk. The JCITs played paint twister and tye-dyed! My First Time in Brownie Lodge went swimming today, made pancakes in pie irons, and went to a mini-closing campfire. The Pony Pals from Bunkhouse took another ride on the ponies this morning, in the afternoon they played parachute games. The Camp of Champions made rootbeer and cream soda floats! While Tack and Ride and Walk, Trot, Canter were knee deep in barn chores and riding today. The Cupcake Wars Campers went to The Blue Eyed Baker today where they got to try out their hand at frosting cupcakes. And the Night Owls took a little trip to go late-night bowling, with lots of pizza included!

Check out some pics here:

Stay tuned for more pictures from today that will be coming soon.

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