SH: Session Five – Thursday

What a super day we had at Camp Seven Hills! We started our morning with Dinosaur Breakfast! Pony Pals, had their final ride on the horses, and they are looking like pros! The JCITs took time to cool off in the pool. Camp of Champions tried their luck at low ropes and competed in the pool. Meanwhile, Tack and Ride completed some Barn Chores, then showed off their skills at the barn. Cupcake Wars had a cupcake baking competition. And Walk, Trot, Canter was doing some trotting and cantering today in the barn. Claytastic played with sand clay today in Arts and Crafts. The Night Owls were caught sleeping in again after their late night, they also went boating to look for Molly the Whale. Finally the Climbing Masters tip toes across Burma Bridge and swung down the zipline.

After dinner we celebrated camp coming to an end with a very special campfire!

Check out some pictures here:

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