Week 2 – Opening Day!

Although the weather made move in difficult, we were still successful and finished off great. Our swim tests and riding tests took place, followed by a delicious pizza dinner.

Opening campfire was held inside the dining hall but was still a blast! Staff presented skits about their units and our weekly camp theme: “The Fabulous Camp Olympics.” Many songs were learned and new memories made.

We are looking for a memorable and fun week here at Camp Seven Hills!

Check out the photos from the campfire!

2 thoughts on “Week 2 – Opening Day!

  1. Looks like some Bazooka Bubblegum singing is happening! So great to see photos of the fun! Tell Lilliana Fiore that. mom, dad, her sister Lucia and chinchillas, Dusty Sprinkles & Smoky Cocoa hope she’s having a blast!

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