Week 2 – Day 2 ! (:

We had an exciting and adventurous second day here at Camp Seven Hills!

Heads Up, Heels Down girls had a fun day at the barn completing their chores and then they had eventful lessons. One group learned to walk, stop, steer, and two-point position; the second group walked, trotted, and cantered. In the afternoon, the girls took their swim lessons and visited the Tuck Shop.

Our Canter Up girls learned to muck stalls this morning and then worked in their horse coloring packets. Later in their lesson, they learned how to steer a horse, along with walking, stopping, and two-point position.

Preparing for their trip to Letchworth, our Discover the Great Outdoors group had a busy day at camp. Their packed all their gear for tomorrow’s ship out to Letchworth State Park, spent time doing activities at drama, visited the Tuck Shop, and finished the afternoon making things at arts and crafts.

Getting ready for their trip to New York City, our Bippity, Boppity, Boo girls packed their things and went right to having fun on camp. They took the Lost Unit Hike, spent time in arts and crafts, and made fairy houses with our Brownies.

Climbing, Climb Away spent much of the morning doing rope game activities at sports, along with time on the low ropes course. In the afternoon, they spent time at arts and crafts, and swimming at the pool.

Our Pony Pals played soccer with the entire bunkhouse community! They also went to the Tuck Shop and spent their first time at the barn. The girls rode horses for their first time at camp and are very excited to keep riding for the rest of the week.

The Mollie’s Tales girls woke up bright and early and swam the Polar Bear Swim today (BRRRR! But only two more times and they will get their Polar Bear patch). The girls also spent lots of time learning about our lake and its water. Later, they played Gaga, a game similar to dodgeball.

Our JCITS are now on their second week here. They spent the morning learning about planning different things at camp. They also did archery at sports and boating, and they’ll do their campout in tents tonight.

The Grossology girls also went to Polar Bear this morning. They made their first fun thing: gummy worms! The girls also went to archery and painted rocks in arts and crafts.

The Great Cupcake Challenge girls completed their swim tests today, and then spent time making skits in drama. They visited the Tuck Shop, played mind and card games, and made recipe books.

Our Sneak-A-Peak girls went swimming in the pool and got to play pool basketball! They also went boating in the lake, spent time in the Tuck Shop, and did rock painting in arts and crafts.

High Wire Adventure spent time on the ropes course today. First completing team-building games in the sports fields, they then went onto Swinging Log and Nitro (two high-rope apparatuses).

Our Outdoor Gourmet program went Polar Bear swimming this morning and also swam later on. The girls completed part of their badge work and made brownies for all of the camp, like a camp feast!

Overall our girls had a great day and everyone is looking forward to having fun. Can’t wait to see what the week brings!

11 thoughts on “Week 2 – Day 2 ! (:

  1. So glad to get updates on what my girls are doing at camp each day! Thank you. It makes it much nicer when I send Bunknotes. I feel more connected. Would love to see pics of them having fun! Thanks again.

  2. I’m soo proud of my girl since this is her first time camping, it was not easy to return home without her but at the same time we knew that we made a good decision that is going to help her in the future. We miss her very much and can’t wait to see her.
    Love you. Mommy

  3. I absolutely love hearing and seeing what the girls are doing! Great idea having a blog! I d love to see more pictures too!

  4. We have loved reading the blog, but what happened on Tuesday Day 3. That really helps me when I send the bunk notes. More pictures would be great, of everyone not just the same group from different angles.

  5. Love the idea of this blog. Would love to see more news and pics for the rest of the week. Especially for Canter Up. Hope the weather is cooperating and all are having fun! 🙂

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