Week 2 – Day 4

The past two days at Camp Seven Hills have been super busy and eventful! Groups continued working on their badges, completing many activities with hopes of earning a full badge by Friday.

Day three was a very busy and beautiful day around camp with cookouts at night! Each unit prepared its dinner and dessert together over a campfire.

Continuing onto day four, the weather was brisk but great for outdoor activities.

The Great Cupcake Challenge had a very successful trip to the bakery, learning how and making their very own cupcakes! Canter Up continued learning new things at the Barn, preparing themselves for their horse show on Friday. Both groups had their tent camp outs, having lots of fun experiencing something new for many girls.

Our Discover the Great Outdoors girls are having fun at Letchworth and we can’t wait for their return to hear how things went.

Bippity, Boppity, Boo girls are having a blast, from what we hear, in NYC and will be arriving back to camp late Wednesday night.

The Outdoor Gourmet girls had a cook off in the kitchen, seeing who is the Top Chef. Then later, they finished their busy day with a campout in tents as a unit.

Mollie’s Tales and Pony Pales spent lots of the day together, swimming, doing sports, and visiting the Tuck Shop. Mollie’s Tales also spent lots of time at the pool and lake, and Pony Pales spent time at the barn. They even got to ride the horses!

Climbing, Climb Away and Hire Wire Adventures both got to spend lots of the day on the High Ropes Course, trying new elements!

Heads Up, Heels Down spent time at the Barn, preparing themselves for the Friday show and helping the younger girls. The girls also spent time at the pool and in the Tuck Shop.

Stay tuned for pictures!

4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Day 4

  1. Great to hear my girls have been busy and having fun in The Cook off and the horse camp!!! SO nice to hear! Cannot wait to view the pictures and looking forward to the Horse Show tomorrow!!!
    Monica and Tony Geraci (Katelyn and Kristina’s Mom)

  2. Hi everyone, It is great to hear how the girls are enjoying camp and learning new activities while having fun! I hope you all enjoy closing campfire tonight. I can’t wait to hear new camp songs Friday night and all the stories on the way home. Once again, Thank you for giving my girls a tremendous opportunity to meet and make friends from around the world and memories to treasure.

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