Week 6 – Day 2!

Our second day at Camp Seven Hills was exciting! Each program got to work in their areas.

The Sneak-a-Peek girls visited the Tuck Shop in the morning and got to make things at arts and crafts.

Camping My Way continued doing new activities around camp, all to their selection.

Our Horse Girls spent much of their day at the barn, having their lessons and completing barn chores.

Islands in the Sky and Dances with Branches spent their time climbing on our high ropes course, tackling the challenges of Catwalk and Two-Line (two of the elements).

The Babysitter’s Club completed part of their training sessions, working toward their Babysitting Certification.

Mollie’s Tales got to learn new things about Molly today, also having fun doing everyday camp activities.

Night Owls had a fun day around camp, learning many new things and having a sleep-in breakfast.

Our Alleghany Backpackers arrived back at camp.

CITs continued shadowing new counselors, learning many new things!

The busy day was completed by Cook-Out, where each unit prepares their dinner and dessert over the campfire.

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