Week 6 – Day 3!

Today we enjoyed an excellent third day at Camp Seven Hills, filled with memorable moments for all!

All of our horse girls continued getting their lessons, and the Pony Pals even got to ride a horse. Ropes girls experienced the thrilling fun brought from Burma and the Zip Line (two high ropes elements). Our Babysitting girls completed their course and are officially certified babysitters.

The rest of camp continued to experience our fun grounds, swimming in the pool, visiting the Tuck Shop, boating, sports, creating things in arts and crafts, and having fun in drama!

We got a report from our Night Owls on the Prowl about their fun evening last night at Lasertron. The girls could not stop raving about how much fun they had. It was definitely an event and memory they will remember!

Check back tomorrow for pictures and another report on each group!

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