Week 6 – Day 4 !

Our closing campfire day was a success. Although closing campfire occurred inside due to the weather, we still made the most of it.

Our Pony Pals learned how to feed a horse safely and also went swimming after their day at the barn.

Mollie’s Tales spent lots of time at the pool and lake, swimming and boating. They also received letters from Molly!

The Camping My Way girls played Gaga and basketball at sports and also did archery.

Canter Up continued their lessons in the morning at the Barn and then went on the Lost Unit Hike and made sculptures in arts and crafts.

Islands in the Sky climbed the rock wall and repelled on the ropes course in the morning then spent the afternoon playing games, including gaga.

Our Babysitter’s did archery, low ropes, went to drama, visited the Tuck Shop, and also spent time at the nature nook.

The Heads Up, Heels Down group spent the morning at the barn doing chores and having lessons then spent the afternoon visiting the Tuck Shop, boating, and playing games at sports.

Night Owls had a sleep-in breakfast and made their own breakfast! Then they went swimming in the pool, visited the Tuck Shop, and made things in arts and crafts.

Our Dances with Branches girls climbed Tower and Dangle Duo (two High Ropes elements), went swimming in the pool, and also did yoga!

The Allegheny hikers went to arts and crafts, went boating, visited Tuck Shop, and made flower crowns in nature.

The CITs had their last day of shadowing.

At closing campfire, each unit performed a song for the camp, the CITs received their pins, and we handed out our 5, 10, and 15 year pins.

Check out videos from closing campfire and pictures from the day!

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