2nd Day of Session 1

Last night here at Camp Seven Hills, in order to properly celebrate our nations Independence Day, we honored the birth of our great country with a flag burning ceremony. Our Junior Counselors in Training (J-CIT’s) led the heart-warming ceremony, which was then followed with a fun and exciting game of flag football! Though we weren’t with our loved ones back at home on this special holiday, we definitely didn’t miss out on any of the excitement this joyous day brings.

Today, the girls in our ropes program we able to conquer some of our high rope elements such as the popular zip line and the challenging tight rope, Berma. The ladies in our riding programs have been having fun getting to know, taking care of, and riding our horses over at the barn. The girls in our Night Owl program made a late night visit to the Tuck Shop last night in order to get their fix of all our great camp merchandise, while the girls in our Silly Scientist program were caught in the act by Freckles, our program director, while attempting to raid the kitchen (all in good fun, of course). Check out some of the great photos of this weeks events so far here on our Flickr page! 😉

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