3rd Day of Session 1

It is truly a beautiful day here at Camp Seven Hills. Unfortunately, we have to say good bye to some of our youngest friends. The girls in our It’s My First Time program are ending their stay with us tonight. Parents will be here later to enjoy a short closing program of songs and goodbyes before heading back home with their little ones. We will definitely miss having them around while wrapping up the second half of our first session. Hopefully they will be back next year for a longer stay (or maybe even this summer if we’re lucky ).

In other news, last night, the girls in our Night Owl program ventured off camp in search of new and exciting night time wonders. They stumbled across fun times at midnight bowling and Sky Zone! They bounced and rolled their way to lots of laughs and good times before returning to camp long after the rest of us had gone to bed. Our Silly Scientists have been busy concocting their own rock candy as well as human size bubbles! The girls in our Outdoor Gourmet program have been slaving away decorating their own cupcakes! Be sure to check out the great pictures of everything on our Flickr page. As for the rest of the evening, it’s sure to be filled with lots of swimming and water sports as the entire camp attempts to be escape the hot July sun.

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