Fourth Day of Session 2

Today marks the last full day of our second week here at Camp Seven Hills. The day was full of interesting and exciting happenings. The detectives in our Secret Agent Girls program spent the afternoon using their skills to rescue their counselor, Boots, who had been kidnapped by our camp director Goofy! Up at the barn, the girls in our Canter Up and Heads Up, Heels Down programs got a little wet and wild while cleaning out the water buckets. The campers and counselors ended up cleaner than the buckets. Check out the pictures here at our Flickr page! We also had the pleasure of hosting the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Banana (If you want the details of this unique and fun filled event you’ll have to check with the girls from our Camp Seven Hills Sisterhood). As for our Jr. CIT’s, they had the opportunity to work with some of our yonger campers, guiding them through a scavenger hunt in search of one of their lost counselors as well! All in all, today was just another day here at camp. We ended it with a traditional closing campfire full of fun skits and songs, followed by a trip down friendship path. We look forward to spending one more day together, but can’t wait to see all our family and friends tomorrow at check out 😉

5 thoughts on “Fourth Day of Session 2

  1. I’m very disappointed about the photos on Flickr. Very late in posting, and then a lot of posed groups, Sky-lines and Zoo animals…really? More needed showing the girls actually participating in activities- like the horse riding, and suds fight ones. Where are the arts and crafts, Archery, Boating, Swimming or Campfire pics?

    • Hello, B, Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties posting photos recently. We hopefully have this issue sorted out for the future. The camp staff works hard to try and get as many pictures as possible while also running and monitoring programs.

  2. Please take some photos of the bunk house this week. They are on a first time mini, aMD totally miss my baby already!

    • Hi, Shawn, The staff tries to make their way around to as many places at camp as they can, but because they are also responsible for monitoring and running programs they don’t always get photos of everything. Hopefully your child’s picture is one of the ones that they take, but we can’t guarantee it.

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