3rd Day of Session 3

On our third day here at Camp Seven Hills this week, we unfortunately have to prepare to say goodbye to some of our younger friends. The girls in the It’s My First Time Mini Program are leaving us later this evening. They spent their last day packing up from their camp-out in the sports field last night, cleaning, and getting their things ready for when their families arrive after dinner. Don’t worry though; they still found time to have lots of fun while at the pool and nature.

Elsewhere on camp, campers got busy with tie dye in arts in crafts, tackling the zip line at the ropes course, working on some jumping exercises up at the barn with the horses, and lots of other fun activities. Though we are sad to see some of our friends go, we are excited to see what the rest of the week has in store for the rest of us. Check out some of the great pictures from this week on our Flickr page.

3 thoughts on “3rd Day of Session 3

  1. Thanks to all the camp counselors. My daughter Katie had so much fun she is coming back in two weeks for her second time! Thanks ladies.

  2. This has not been updated in 5 days. My daughter has been at camp over a week & unfortunately iv only seen 2 pictures of her from the second day she arrived. She has one more week to go can we get an update and some pictures of the girls in sugar bush

    • Hi, Melissa, We apologize for the frustration. All of last week’s blog posts have gone live now. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee photos of girls from specific units or activities will be photographed, but the camp staff tries their best to get pictures of as much as possible. We are looking for ways to improve this process in the future.

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