2nd Day of Session 3

Though today at camp was a little cooler out than it has been so far this week, it didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. There was lots of boating, swimming, climbing, riding, and so much more. The girls in our Dances with Branches program returned safely from Lakeside early this morning just as the rest of camp was finishing breakfast in the dining hall. The CIT’s got busy keeping the legend of the “Magic Bathtub” alive, carrying our iconic cast-iron tub to a new location near the main office while the younger campers were busy getting ready for their cookout over at Bunkhouse.

The girls in our Seven Hills Amazing Race program also enjoyed a lunchtime cookout, complete with camp favorites such as dutch oven chicken wing dip and pie iron pizzas. The Riding Counselors in Training (RCIT’s) had an opportunity to have their first riding lesson of the session. We also got an update from our girls in the Cave Dwellers and River Rats this morning, and we were glad to hear that they made it to their destination safely and had successfully completing their spelunking experience! Check out the Flickr page to see some of the great photos from this week 🙂

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