2nd Day of Session 4

Today, on the second day of session four, we wished the girls in our Discover the Great Outdoors program a warm goodbye as they set off on their journey to Letchworth State Park! They spent most of the morning packing and preparing for the trip before departing just after lunch and we will be eager to hear all about their trip when they return on Thursday. The girls in our Sneak a Peek Mini program made sure to pack their only full day here at camp with as much fun as possible! They made a visit to the Tuck Shop, had a cookout lunch complete with spider dogs, grilled cheese, and zoe cakes, went swimming, and spent the evening preparing for their overnight camp out in pool field tonight. Our younger friends living in Brownie Lodge had fun swimming and boating this morning, while our friends at the barn continued to work on all their riding skills (which are pretty impressive, by the way, since they’ve already been here over a week!). Our Mud Warriors took a muddy hike today. So muddy that they even got stuck a few times (not that anyone was complaining about that 😉 ). There was also lakeside painting during arts and crafts, practice starting one-match fires, and fun water sports. It was definitely a good day here at Camp Seven Hills.

Take a look at some of the great photos from session four so far.

One thought on “2nd Day of Session 4

  1. Can I see photos of the Tally Ho group? Thanks. Love the pictures and blog updates this year. Who ever keeps this up every day is awesome. Pat your self on the back you rock!

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