3rd Day of Session 4

Today at Camp Seven Hills was a hot one! We had a very exciting Harry Potter-themed lunch today. The tables were rearranged in groups in attempts to mimic The Great Hall of Hogwarts. Lunch not only included some great food, but also some fun wizarding magic. Unfortunately though, today is Wednesday and if you are familiar with our programs, you know what that means… We have to say goodbye to the girls in our mini session. I’m sure they are all excited to see their families tonight, but we will definitely miss them.

Elsewhere around camp, the girls in our The Artist in You program were busy in arts and crafts this morning working on their Comic Artist badge! This afternoon they will be hiking to the other side of camp, along with the Mud Warriors, for a relaxing but exciting overnight stay. The girls in our Camp Adventure Girl program made it safely to the other side of camp early this afternoon and they’re sure to be busy setting up camp, preparing for dinner, and enjoying the peace and quiet (though I doubt with all the singing, games, and other activities, that it is any quieter 😉 )

Click here to see some of the pictures taken this week so far.

One thought on “3rd Day of Session 4

  1. Our daughter Jillian had a great time at the mini camp and wants to come back next summer for the full week. Thanks again.

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