Final Day of Session 4

Today is finally Friday and for you parents reading this, that means in just a few hours you will have your little one safe in your arms for the first time since Sunday (and if your daughter was in a two-week program it has been even longer!), but for us here at camp it means the end of our camp journey is coming to an end 😦 . We hate to have to say goodbye to all our new friends, but we are excited to see our families as well.

The day was not wasted sitting around waiting, though. Campers were busy all morning packing and cleaning. Don’t worry, it wasn’t all work and no play today. After lunch, the campers all participated in a Dinosaur Egg Drop! They were tasked with building a sturdy egg carrier (that’s right, it had to safely hold a REAL EGG) that could withstand a fall from the top of one of high-ropes elements. The goal was to find their egg still intact after the drop. It was a challenging but extremely fun task. The evening included our final dinner together as well as our traditional Friday Follies activities.

So many memories were made here this week and we can’t wait until we are all together again next year πŸ˜‰ Check out the photos here on our Flickr page.

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