4th Day of Session 4

Yesterday at Camp Seven Hills was the last full day of our fourth session this summer. We ending the day with our traditional closing campfire, that included a walk down the friendship path, followed by the departure to our units for one last night together. Though the evening included a few tears, the day was just as exciting as any other. Our younger friends in the Keeping it Low to the Ground program had fun making human-sized bubbles while the girls in the Pony Pals program were busy with the horses. Our oldest friends in the CIT program had a special lunch cookout, inviting the administrative staff as their special guests, and then later got a little wacky painting with their feet (just showing that here at camp you never really grow up)! The girls living in our Tally Ho and Pine Hollow units battled it out in a fun sing off. The girls were given a lyric and then had the challenge of coming up with a song incorporating that lyric. It was very entertaining to say the least 😉

Take a look at some of the photos from this week so far here.

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