Introduce your girl to camp with Mini Sessions!

Resident camp is an exciting week for many girls, but for those who are unfamiliar it can seem very intimidating. The idea of sleeping away from your family with girls you might not know well in a new place can make even the bravest girl a little unsure.

Have no fear because Camp Seven Hills is here!

We understand these fears and want to make sure your girl is completely comfortable. As an alternative to almost a full week away, we offer mini sessions.

Instead of the standard Sunday afternoon to Friday night schedule, campers join us Sunday to Wednesday. This way they can experience all the fun of camp with less time away.

For girls in grades 1-3, we offer these sessions during the final two weeks of camp, Sessions 4 and 5. You can choose to attend either July 29 to August 1 or August 5 to 8. While you’re with us, you’ll sleep in the Bunkhouse or Brownie Lodge and go swimming, play games, do arts & crafts, enjoy cookouts, and so much more! Registration deadlines are July 9 and July 23, respectively.

If your girl is in grades 4-6. she can go to abbreviated camp from July 22 to 25. Similar to the younger girls, you’ll get a taste of camp for a few days and see all the best Seven Hills has to offer. Registration deadline is July 2.

Whether you choose a mini session or all week, we can’t wait to see you at Camp Seven Hills!

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