Camp Seven Hills Recap!

We had SUCH an amazing summer at Camp Seven Hills. Each session was filled with girls excited to learn new skills, make new friends, and have the time of their lives! We’d love to share all of the moments with you, but we’ll just highlight our programs and pictures from each session. For a more detailed look, check out previous posts written by staff at camp.

Session 1: July 8-13


Pony Pals; Silly Scientists; Be Happy, Relax, and Namaste; Camp Adventure Girl; Climbing Masters; Long Rein, Free Walk; A Little at a Time Mini Session; G.I.R.L. Tough; Riders Up; Seven Hills Amazing Race; Escape Artists

Photos from Session 1

Session 2: July 15-20


Zoologist; A Horse of Course; Camp Like a G.I.R.L.; Climbing Masters Two; GIRLbots; Secret Agent Girl; Sneak-a-Peak Mini Session; A Little at a Time Mini Session; Crazy for Horses; Scuba Diving Explorers; The Lazy Days of Summer

Photos from Session 2

Session 3: July 22-27


It’s My Second Time; Silly Scientists; A Horse of Course; Be Happy, Relax, and Namaste; Camp Like a G.I.R.L.; Climbing Masters Two; Crazy for Horses; Night Owls; Scuba Diving Explorers; The Lazy Days of Summer

Photos from Session 3

Session 4: July 29-August 4


It’s My First Time Mini Session; Zoologist; Climbing Masters; GIRLbots; Long Rein, Free Walk; Seven Hills Sisterhood; Seven Hills Top Chef; Night Owls; On Belay; Riders Up

Photos from Session 4

Session 5: August 5-10


It’s My First Time Mini Session; Pony Pals; Camp Adventure Girl; Climbing Masters; Long Rein, Free Walk; Secret Agent Girl; Seven Hills Sisterhood; Anastasia in NYC; G.I.R.L. Tough; On Belay; Riders Up

Photos from Session 5

Try S.P.P. Camping with your troop this summer

By now, you’re well aware of all the great programs we have for girls this summer at camp. Our traditional resident camp is a great way for girls to learn valuable leadership skills, make lifelong friends, and have the time of their lives. While girls in a troop can select and attend the same program, we have additional options for a group camping experience.

SpecialtyProgramsProvided (S.P.P.) Camping is a great way for troops to get the best of camping together and experience specialized programs, like ropes courses, archery, and boating. The troop leader is responsible for most camp-related considerations with GSWNY providing the specialty programs and times.

In order to host troop camp like this, leaders must have either their Level I (for lodge camping) or Level II (for cabin and tent camping) camp training. Additionally, an adult with current first aid and CPR certifications must attend.

Specifically, our camp provides the boating and archery programming while leaders provide everything else, including meals. Our lakeside facility includes a like, central dining hall, infirmary, shower house, lodges, cabins, platform tent units, and an archery area.

This summer we have two sessions available for S.P.P. Camping. Girls in grades K-12 are welcome to camp with their troops Friday, July 20, through Sunday, July 22, and Wednesday August 1, through Friday, August 3. The cost per girl is $35.

Register with your troop today!


Introduce your girl to camp with Mini Sessions!

Resident camp is an exciting week for many girls, but for those who are unfamiliar it can seem very intimidating. The idea of sleeping away from your family with girls you might not know well in a new place can make even the bravest girl a little unsure.

Have no fear because Camp Seven Hills is here!

We understand these fears and want to make sure your girl is completely comfortable. As an alternative to almost a full week away, we offer mini sessions.

Instead of the standard Sunday afternoon to Friday night schedule, campers join us Sunday to Wednesday. This way they can experience all the fun of camp with less time away.

For girls in grades 1-3, we offer these sessions during the final two weeks of camp, Sessions 4 and 5. You can choose to attend either July 29 to August 1 or August 5 to 8. While you’re with us, you’ll sleep in the Bunkhouse or Brownie Lodge and go swimming, play games, do arts & crafts, enjoy cookouts, and so much more! Registration deadlines are July 9 and July 23, respectively.

If your girl is in grades 4-6. she can go to abbreviated camp from July 22 to 25. Similar to the younger girls, you’ll get a taste of camp for a few days and see all the best Seven Hills has to offer. Registration deadline is July 2.

Whether you choose a mini session or all week, we can’t wait to see you at Camp Seven Hills!

Session 4 Programs

Our penultimate week of camp begins Sunday, July 29 , and runs to Friday, August 3. Registration for our fourth session closes July 16, 2018. To view our other programs, check out our Resident Camp Guide on our website.

Girls in Grades 1-3 in Fall 2018

  • Zoologist – during this week you will tour the horse barn, spend time with the horses, and speak to the riding director about what it takes to care for these beautiful animals. You will also learn about animal habitats, proper food, and proper care needed for all different kinds of animals. Make your own terrarium, identify plants that are edible for both animals and humans! Make your favorite furry friend a toy to bring home. During this special week you will take a day trip to the Buffalo Zoo to see how other animals live and are cared for.
  • It’s My First Time Mini Session – this shorter session runs Sunday to Wednesday so new camps can experience the best of resident camp for the first time. They’ll sleep in our lodges, go swimming, play games, enjoy arts and crafts. Don’t forget about cookouts!

Girls in Grades 4-6 in Fall 2018

  • Climbing Masters – master all the elements of the Seven Hills Ropes Course and challenge yourself all week long! You can earn patches by completing Island in the Sky, Two-Line, Catwalk, Dangle Duo, Burma Bridge, and the Zip-Line.
  • GIRLbots –  work with robots like your favorite ones from the movies! Spend this week learning all about robotics. Girls will work with Engineering for kids to design, program, and control a fully functional robot!
  • Long Rein, Free Walk – a riding program designed for girls at all skill levels, this session is dedicated to the basics of English riding, as well as stable management. At the end of the week, girls will perform a dressage test and learn what the judges look for in their presentations.
  • Seven Hills Sisterhood – You and your friends make the choices that work for you. Select your favorite programs such as sports, nature, swimming, arts and crafts, and more.
  • Seven Hills Top Chef – bring out the chef in you this week where you’ll work with professionals in the cooking industry. With them you’ll prepare a variety of desserts, snacks, side dishes, and more. Plus you’ll take a trip to Tops Cooking School to work with their chefs on preparing great meals you can share with others.

Girls in Grades 7-12 in Fall 2018

  • Night Owls – if you’re a night owl, this week is for you. Campers will explore the Seven Hills trails by night, enjoy glow-in the dark games, raid the kitchen, and even take a trip to a local laser tag center. Don’t worry about being tired the next day – with this camp you’ll sleep late and start your camp activities in the afternoon
  • On Belay – master your balancing and maneuvering capabilities on the Seven Hills Ropes Course. Test your skills and conquer your fears as your try elements such as Islands in the Sky, Centipede, Burma Bridge, Two-Line, Catwalk, Dangle Duo, or Zip-Line.
  • Riders Up – it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro with this horse camp. Girls will learn the basics of a rider’s position and how to control their horse. They’ll work on dressage tests throughout the week while learning stable management skills, leading to a small horse presentation at the end of the week.

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Camp Season is Here!

Well, maybe it’s still a few months from when we actually get to go to camp, but the Girl Scouts of Western New York are deep into our preparations. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible!

One of the ways we want to reach out to you is through Facebook, and specifically videos. Join us live in the weeks leading to camp to learn more about what sessions we’ll have this year, what you need to pack for camp, details about the grounds, and more! Let us know your questions so we can answer them!

Below is our first of the year, featuring camp lovers Susan and Gale discussing the basics of camp, like where they are, what you do at camp, the different types of camp, and much, much more!

This summer, every girl is invited to camp like a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker and leader!

Learn more and register for camp today!

Resident Summer Camp Guide is Out Now!

With the holidays behind us, it’s time to find something new to look forward to, and we have the solution! Our Resident Camp Guide is out now, featuring all the exciting programs we have this summer at Camp Seven Hills Goodyear!

Located in Holland, New York, Camp Seven Hills Goodyear has everything you could want in a camp – woodland trails, sunny meadows, ponds, a lake, a pool, horses, and a ropes challenge course, just to name a few of the amenities you can expect.

More than just the features of the Camp, girls come back year after year the special something they say is found here. Memories and lifelong friends are made, and you don’t want to miss out.

This summer, Camp Seven Hills will host five sessions from July 8 to August 10, 2018. Camp starts Sunday at 1 p.m. and ends Friday at 7 p.m., providing almost a full week of fun, education, bonding and more. If this is your first time attending, don’t miss our Open House Monday, July 2, 2018, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Take a look at our jam packed schedule for more excitement:

Artboard 1

For camp details and additional programming, make sure you check out the full Resident Camp Guide and learn about all the amazing opportunities at Camp Seven Hills this summer.

Registration is now open! We can’t wait to see you at camp!