SH: Monday Session 5

We had a great start to the week! Our Climbing Master’s group started off the day by participating in some team building and communication games. It’s a Bug’s Life made bracelets at arts and crafts and played some sports games with Boogie. Our Secret Agent group made a secret agent super sleuth headquarters complete with a badge scanner and a security cameras. Our Go Getter group practiced their fire building skills and dove into the fabulous fashion of flowers. Our Junior Counselors in Training did some badges with our brownies group and then ran our campers choice activities for the evening. The Seven Hills Cupcake Wars group met with our cook and decided what cupcakes they wanted to make. The Amazing Race group made designs with paint. The It’s My First Time group had some fun doing low ropes games. Lastly our Night Owl group ended the night with a movie night.

It was a fun day!

Check out some photos here:

GirlScouts WNY’s albums | Flickr

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