SH: Tuesday Session 5

What a fun day at camp! Our Climbing Masters group climbed two high elements today: catwalk and two line! It’s a Bugs Life had fun hunting for bugs at nature and had a cookout of pancakes and sausage for dinner. Our Secret Agent Sleuths and Go Getters had a awesome time decoding our breakout box and even did some archery today. The Junior Counselors in Training learned how to lash today, which is connecting pieces of word together with twine. Our Seven Hills Cupcake Wars made some awesome cookies in the kitchen today. The Amazing Race group had an awesome time at sports. The It’s my First Time Group also had a dinner cookout and had a blast playing on the slip n slide during the day. Lastly the Night Owls group did some borax crystals at arts and crafts. Such a fun day!

Check out some photos here:

GirlScouts WNY’s albums | Flickr

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